Did you know that one of the ways Android and IOS reduce energy consumption is by using a unified system-level notification provider?
UnifiedPush is FOSS implementation of the same idea that could help projects such as and in general by providing both a framework to reduce battery consumption and a more unified interface to code notifications on.

If you follow FOSS, would you please boost?

@Mek101 We need more apps relying on or supporting UnifiedPush.

@poorpocketsmcnewhold I think one of the issues is that the website itself is not exceptionally clear on if and how a linux-connector is available.
As for android, it's a of a "we need to popularize this and make PRs to apps" type thing.
IE: tusky has an early PR for UnifiedPush that was opened in the lastbfew days

@Mek101 I have a server myself. Unfortunately there are still few apps using UP

@Eileen127 Seguire? FOSS (Free Open Source Software) è un movimento/comunità, non ci sono pagine ufficiali vere e propie (qualcuno potrebbe argomentare @fsf ?).
Non so se sia possibile seguire gli hastag qui su mastodon a dirla tutta 😅

@Mek101 @fsf cosa? :gargamel: non sto capendo le tue risposte... 😅

@Eileen127 @fsf Ho interpretato la prima come una domanda su come potevi seguire FOSS, allorché mi son sentito di specificare che FOSS è un movimento e comunità, quindi non vi è nessuna entità precisa che si può seguire

Ho capito. Grazie.
Era il "capita" che mi sfuggiva 😇

Benvenuta! (non temere, le persone che conosco su mastodon sono belle. Ti troverai bene)
@Mek101 @fsf

Don't app-devs need to explicitly build support of this into their apps and server components?

If I install this as a user, apps won't magically start using it, right?

This isn't some microG stuff that mocks google services and uses UP in the background, if I'm not mistaken

@loveisgrief Yup. Although it's quite simple to add the connector library client-side, unfortunately the site doesn't have a lot of info for server side implementations

communication whining 

@Mek101 like feel often info is missing.. Too much implicit?!

* What is it. It is showing the users little messages? "Notifier" could mean anything. Is it like zeromq or what..

* Is it really only for phones? Thinking not?

* Is it needed? Like probably there isn't a standard good enough out there yet? Like this question is a PITA, if this thing is neatly implemented and older ones aren't easily grasped, it doesn't require elaborate analysis..


1 An open source reimplementation of a servuce present in Android and IOS: keeping apps open and having them continuously pool or keep open connections to check for remote notifications is energetically expensive. UnifiedPush provides a service and protocol to delegate the duty to a single service.

2 No, it's a protocol and "framework", currently with android implementations

3 Is battery life needed? Also, I don't know of any open substitutes

@jasper Also, it can help in implement new applications, since the developer doesn't have to work on the entire notification stack

@Mek101 Also feel a bit stupid about the C example? It's all receiving, why all the implicitness... "Do this, oh you can receive now." Instead of "this is how you set up", "this is how you receive", which emphasis. (`newMessage` also makes me think "sending" sooner too to be honest..)

Another: there is no sending?

Tbh a bit of a communication gripe. Sorry to reply-guy a bit :/

@jasper Implicitness?
I suppose you can technically switch endpoints?

Sending is only server-side

@Mek101 i mean implicit only in how the concepts are communicated.

@Mek101 oh yeah, they also have the mythical "golden socket", or something, which is the only socket which is guaranteed to live. I don't remember how they use it, but yeah. An interesting thing to consider when it comes to running stuff in backgorund.

@Mek101 thanks, I would be very interested in using this. Is it somehow possible to use this as a drop in replacement for google's PN? Will it someday or do you envision a different future? Thanks for the work btw!!

@Santral Unfortunately I'm not one of the developers😅.
As for drop-in replacement, unified push uses a different protocol, so apps need to use a library

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