I'm kinda surprised myself. It's not an easy task to find so many idiots

@dhfir tbh I'm kinda surprised you boosted this >.>


Also, while those tweets are so idiotic that my first reaction was "these might be fake" (seems they aren't), most of the social media outrage seems to be around considering her a racist for invoking the imagery of black men raping white women.

While that's indeed a racist trope, I see no actual sign that she believes in that trope, or that she was trying to spread that trope.

Which brings us to performative social media outrages, based on intentionally exaggerated bad-faith readings of people's writings. Of which I'm about as tired as idiotic takes like in those tweets...

Person writes dumb thing, people react in dumb way. Everybody's dumb. Take me off this planet.
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