has finally neged !

Push notifications support via UnifiedPush by PeterCxy · Pull Request #2303 · tuskyapp/Tusky

@graf @Mek101 I don't really know.

As far as I can see in Tusky's API declaration, it has a new endpoint with POST, PUT and DELETE.


Does Pleroma have something like that? This seems to be related to new stuff in Mastodon, but I cannot really tell...
@graf @Mek101 Oh, as far as I can see Pleroma does support those endpoints (at least the documentation has them):

It theory this could be of interest, yes.
@graf @Mek101 I guess it'd be a nice feature to have into Husky, am I right?
@captainepoch @Mek101 please?
one of the most annoying things about it is that we have to use that workaround which most times doesn't actually receive notification until you've been away from another client for ~30 min (such as on the website via desktop or using sengi) and actively using the app. push notifications would make my life incredibly easier because I wouldn't be constantly checking 🥺
@Mek101 @graf Yes, of course I can take a look at it to fit it into Husky. It might take a bit of time, though, but sure.


@Mek101 also, HUGE THANKS to @PeterCxy for making this happen and @ConnyDuck for maintaining Tusky!!!

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