CDJS or Controllers? if CDJS What mixer?

BBQ and friends today good end to the weekend

I'm curious since this is a French server how do you feel about a Cheeto being US president?

trying my hand at hydroponics. growing a tomato this year. poor guy went into shock when I first put him in.

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Slightly confused. What exactly is "boosting"? I see when my roots get favorited, but that's not the same thing. Is boosting basically retooting? (I won't say birdsite lingo here)

This is how my cat sleeps on my wife every night😴🤣

Anyone on here into hydroponics? I don't just mean for marijuana I'm talking about hydro for all kinds of plants

Back to the grind of cleaning this stockroom up:thinking:

Hello mastodon peeps! First Toot?:joy:


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