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>wants to reinvent mutualism
>tries to fix labour theory and to incorporate it with Austrian school
>tries to change the notion of capitalism and agrees that ancaps are truly anarchist and their capitalism is not what he means by capitalism


I think I'm done with nostalgia. Living in past is futile. Living in future is daydreaming. I'll be living in present.


Ah, that's those hoppeans
>yeah alt-right and ancap union is cool, suck my dick lolbertarians, borders closed.

Thanks, Rachels, very cringe.

2b2t's War Against Trees

We take a look at the conflict between "teamtrees" and "teamnotrees" on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft.

fedi regulars loving the fedi so much they want to do a different fedi:

anyway you can probably guess my reaction to that.
@cdmnky @lain Libertarian types tend to dislike the GPL and other copyleft licenses because it protects the users' freedom at the expense of what they believe to be restrictions on the developers. They usually advocate for Open Source and not Free Software.

If you want to limit who can contribute to your projects, feel free to. Governance models have nothing to do with software licenses, and if anyone dislikes the way your project is run, they can always just fork. But trying to use copyright laws to solve social problems with vaguely written licenses that are extremely unlikely to hold up in court is not just a waste of time and effort, but is actively harmful.
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