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>wants to reinvent mutualism
>tries to fix labour theory and to incorporate it with Austrian school
>tries to change the notion of capitalism and agrees that ancaps are truly anarchist and their capitalism is not what he means by capitalism


I think I'm done with nostalgia. Living in past is futile. Living in future is daydreaming. I'll be living in present.


Ah, that's those hoppeans
>yeah alt-right and ancap union is cool, suck my dick lolbertarians, borders closed.

Thanks, Rachels, very cringe.

2b2t's War Against Trees

We take a look at the conflict between "teamtrees" and "teamnotrees" on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft.

fedi regulars loving the fedi so much they want to do a different fedi:

anyway you can probably guess my reaction to that.
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