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This is the closest the fediverse is going to get to a photo of me.

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If I follow you it's because I think you're cool and post cool things. :ablobcool:

Someone set up a Spotify account and bought Premium but they used my email address... :thounking:

Of all the stories that are 'Breaking News', that the Graham Norton show is 'back in-studio' certainly ranks near the very bottom.

I'm aware you can self-host and set moderator controls. My issue is with the viewpoint rather than the actual software.

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What this idealistic viewpoint fails to realise is that it means an organiser can get kicked out of their own meeting instantly and by anyone.

In real life there would likely be a few punches thrown which acts as a powerful disincentive.

However in the online space, the risks are non-existent so how useful can this 'feature' be?

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"This is specifically the case on, since **all users are moderators.**"

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"Jitsi models its meetings after in-person wouldn’t expect one person to have exclusive “kick” and “mute” privileges...yet, those meetings usually go fine.

...moderation controls in online meetings serve a different purpose: they help address tech related issues...with that in mind, why wouldn’t you want to enable anyone in the meeting to help solve these kinds of issues?

For that reason our moderation controls are soft, and for everyone."

Shamelessly stolen from Tumblr

United States Average Jean Colour per State in 2018.

Why people pirate, reason no. 64681
The series can be seen within Amazon Prime.

The series can be added to your watchlist.

When you click on any episode, they are 'not available' and no further explanation is offered.

Meanwhile on your friendly torrent site, there's 13 seeders for the same series. :nayeonshh:

This started happening after I pulled the faulty DIMM module and took forever to figure out since the machine itself was running but the OS was suspended and therefore offline.

Thankfully the solution at this link worked but why the GNOME Display Manager is allowed to override system power settings is beyond me.
Debian Bug report logs - #896083
gdm3: Suspends machine after 20 minutes

Geneviève Lantelme's April 1907 cover for Les Modes shows off the gorgeous girl's full, round, peaches-and-cream face cradled by her soft feminine arms, her expression at once cute and alluring.

#art #traditionalart #illustration #magazinecover #beautifulwoman #beautifulgirl #feminine #fashion

Beer review 

I mean, Diageo are just as bad for brewing Guinness in Canada so they can still slap an 'Imported' label on the bottles.

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Beer review 

I'm actually legitimately upset about this and might even have to email [email protected] to provide some honest feedback.

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Beer review 

The first thing I noticed about this beer is that it doesn't taste like Newcastle Brown Ale.

The second thing I noticed was the label's graphic design student level of effort.

The third thing I noticed is that it's not even imported from the UK. 🇬🇧

All in all this purchase is extremely regrettable.

My is down and its letting me know with every webpage I visit.

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