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I'm not in the #fashion industry or anything, but I think most men (not just soyboys) would look pretty hot rocking a skater skirt. 🤔

Finally unsubscribed from those Pocket emails.

By contemporary pop standards, ABBA are outstandingly good.

Some absolutely 100% no BS life pro tip advice:

Moving pianos is easy.

Cartoons have lied to you.

Technics stopped making decks for a reason. Surely they saw this trash coming ffs

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It really whips the Llamas ass!

WebAmp: WinAmp 2 in Your Browser

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The indignity that accompanies the realisation that the Grease soundtrack is primarily comprised of songs that are absolutely 1970s in origin yet the play/film is set in the 1950s.

The small print of the real estate house flipping infomercial is pretty amusing in that it straight-up admits most attendees won't make a dime

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#ArsTechnica is running this story from 2013 again, stating that essentially nothing has changed in Google's strategy, and adding a few updates from 2018.

#Google’s iron grip on #Android: Controlling #OpenSource by any means necessary

This corporate form of 'open source' is exactly what the Free Software movement has been warning about.

#FOSS is not just for nerds - it affects our 'non-techie' friends too! It's just not a technology issue - it's a global social issue.

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Shame on the person who OPENED my mail and didn't even have the GUTS to pay the bills they found inside.

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imagine if Microsoft took submissions and then every year released a new Wingdings font

and that's basically the state of Unicode emoji

My Soviet watch arrived a whole week early!

United States Postal Service Regional Mail Centres are the real wormholes of the universe; things magically move between them without ever passing through anything else.

Fuck it; ice-cream for breakfast.

Man, I remember when Tumblr was cool. Like real cool, man. All the hip cats were there and they were swingin' too. It was a lotta fun, man, until they had to start makin' money, y'know. Then it just changed man, it became all 'sponsored posts' this and 'you may be interested in' that. I couldn't dig it any more. I had to leave before I turned into some sort of square, ya dig?