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An explainer for the symbols in my profile name

๐Ÿ‘— : feeling feminine
๐Ÿ‘• : feeling neutral
๐Ÿ‘” : feeling masculine

The kimono (๐Ÿ‘˜) is my general 'standard'. It means I am not feeling a particular way but indicates my fondness for the feminine Japanese garment.

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"Surely, then, I couldnโ€™t be a proper trans person. If I was really trans, wouldnโ€™t I have known earlier? Wouldnโ€™t I have fewer doubts and more conviction?"

My experience as a trans person doesnโ€™t fit the script, but why should it?

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This is the closest the fediverse is going to get to a photo of me. (2021 version)

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If I follow you it's because I think you're cool and post cool things. :ablobcool:

How do you keep track of your finances?

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A fedi .

Do you keep track of your finances?

If you answer yes, please see follow-up question in replies.

the boys
they destroyed their cage
the boys are back in town

I guess I'm old because I simply cannot imagine anyone being Mario except the late Bob Hoskins.

Is 9:20am too early for chocolate fudge ice-cream?

The answer is, no.

One tab open (on the start page no less) and is sucking down 400+MB of RAM.

What is it doing?
What could it possibly be doing?

It's off to disk we go!
A bit or byte to read or write
I/O I/O I/O I/O!

LaTeX ๆ€Žไนˆ่ฟ˜ไผšๆœ‰่ฟ™็งๅฅ‡ๆ€ช็š„ๅŒ… www ใ€‚

"Influencers will be tasked with the additional leading questions to help curate impactful messaging around what..."

My heart goes out to the poor sod who's soul is being slowly corrupted by the need to construct this Potemkin village.

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"Fans, influencers and content creators were there..."


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"Attendees were treated to an epic performance by musician, model, activist, friend of the brand..."

'friend of the brand.

Friend. Of. The. Brand.



Did you know that the 'Inspector Gadget' theme was actually part of a full song? You do now (bonus if you know French).

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