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This is the closest the fediverse is going to get to a photo of me.

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If I follow you it's because I think you're cool and post cool things. :ablobcool:

"The kimono’s cameo roles in western culture – eroticised on screen in Memoirs of a Geisha, or watered down into a sort of ornamental waitress uniform – are only fragments of its many lives on the streets of modern Japan."
The kimono – from costume to catwalk

Why yes, I DID download a torrent containing twelve albums by the one and only Roger Whittaker.

The nature of male friendships can be summed up by that one scene in Grease when Zuko and Kenickie are outside the school shop with the rest of the T-Birds and start playfully slapping each others shoulders in a teaseful way.

The slaps become progressively more aggressive until both guys are tightly hugging each other.

Quickly realising this they pull apart and, avoiding eye contact with each other, act all cool like the event ever occured and no physical affection exists between them.

The best money I've ever spent was $25 for the used Kobo e-reader I read public domain books from Project Gutenberg on.

TFW company comes over and you have to hide away all the things you enjoy but would definitely invite awkward questions and/or incite gossip about you.

OK, who's the joker that made Firefox have reverse-colour text by default in the last update?

Ethical, easy-to-use and privacy-conscious alternatives to well-known software: Get off fb, goog, amazon, apple and msw!

I don't normally beg for boosts, but this is worth sharing with your IRL friends via email and w/e else. Older Mastodonians pretty much know most of these. I hope?

We just enabled #liberapay donations in all available currencies!

Previously we were only accepting USD or EUR. If you couldn't donate because of that you should be able to do that now.

“This website uses cookies to make things easier. [Accept and close this message]” is possibly some of the worst consent copy I’ve ever read.

What things? Easier how? Easier for who? Easier for the person who ticked “cookie notice done” off their todo list?

Twenty years ago, one evil multinational company attempted to seize control the web by forcing their web browser on everyone.

If they had succeeded, the wide, open, diverse and inclusive web we have today would not exist.

Enjoy the best web experience on a simple, fast and secure web browser.

:promoted: Promoted by Google Chrome

Honestly half the time I go look at someone's fedi profile to see if I should follow them is because they have a cute icon

"Electric cars are environmentally friendly!"

- A do-gooder who has no idea how many tonnes of greenhouse gases go into constructing and maintaining each lane-mile of road.

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