'Men's Shirts & Blouses'

C'mon Kohl's, you can't call it that and not include any blouses in the product selection.

It pleases me that glen plaid/prince of wales patterns are in style right now.

There was a guy at the grocery store wearing a and as good as it looked, it was brown.

This led to some disconcert that Prince's song 'Raspberry Beret' was not an appropriate song for the occasion.

Currently trying to find a yellow dress shirt and it is harder than you might imagine.

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> How do you implement content filters?
> EU: Magic! :shrug_akko:
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The fact that browsers implement tracking prevention and a distraction-free reading mode tells a lot about the general state of the web.

Just received another compliment on my Miku wallet! :ablobsmile:

I'd never thought it would be so popular!

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I'll be honest and admit that Aussie band Midnight Juggernauts are very underrated within my own collection. Need to listen to them more

Gonna go with my gut and say that the Home Depot is probably not the place I should acquire a statue of Buddha from.

LinkedIn updates (actual:)

1. Wish ex-coworker a happy birthday!

2. Congratulate so-and-so for starting a NEW POSITION at wherever

3. You appeared in *8 searches* this week that have done nothing for you.

4. DAILY RUNDOWN: WEDNESDAY some Waymo bullshit and Starbucks gives a bunch of poor saps the sack

5. Hiring was up 3.8% last month! Join the conversation

I have absolutely no idea how one of my ended up in the closet, but that's where I found it!

Last night's dream was nice because I had a motorcycle 🏍️

Getting some snow here today for which I'm not psychologically prepared for.

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The thing I really like about my job at the mint is the opportunity to make change

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Anyone using the social media should learn to remove unique identifiers before sharing articles. It is used for tracking how a post spreads. https://social.systemreboot.net/attachment/99779
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I see you sir.

Sitting in your car.

Picking your nose.

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