Reasons why I drink:

⚪ to stay hydrated
⚪ water is literal 'water of life'
⚪ liquids make food taste better
⚪ convenient refreshment on hot days
⚪ clear blockages from throat area
⚪ Containers can help trendiness rating

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Happy 30th Birthday, Intel 80486!

This is the 33MHz CPU I've used for my first own PC build, and at some point in the near future I'd love to try and rebuild that machine from spare parts.

Can't wait to see you boot up just once more, my old friend!

Why Levi's? Why?

My brain doesn't need to know these exist at all.

Bless me Father for I have sinned. I shot a video in a vertical orientation. :uhm:

The only upside of my 12 hours at work today is that I get paid for all of them. 💰

April 2019 can kiss my ass. I am already done with this month and there's still halfway to go.

My A/C vent hack lasted all of an hour and a half before the office manager told me to take it down :blobrollingeyes:

Couldn't take it any more so I took matters into my own hands and stuffed some cardboard into the ceiling so the HVAC vent no longer blasts me with an article chill all day long ⛄

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It took less that two hours to redo the six hours of work that I lost and if that isn't a damning indictment of how much of my time is needlessly wasted sitting in an office then I don't know what is :blobrollingeyes:

The mechanic joked that we're "rebuilding [my] car one piece at a time" :blobthump:

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And there I was thinking today couldn't get any worse after being told my new brakes were going to cost $350.

Modern 'technology' is having to sign up and agree to an insurance company's EUA and T&Cs even though you decline their coverage.

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My favourite kind of time?

Downtime! (Preferably at work.)

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