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This is the closest the fediverse is going to get to a photo of me.

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If I follow you it's because I think you're cool and post cool things. :ablobcool:

I feel confident enough to finally admit that what got me into Sailor Moon was having the hots for Sailor Uranus a.k.a. Haruka Tenoh.

Not sure what exactly this says about me though...

Looking back over old roots makes me realise how many cool people just stopped coming here :blob_cry:

I dare you to find a better bass line than that in the song 'Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick' by Ian Drury and the Blockheads

Somebody complimented me on my outfit today, which was really nice considering I could barely dress myself (in the fashion sense) until about a year ago.

True story: back in the day, the Disney studio had a 'beer man' who would show up at 4pm every day to serve thirsty studio employees.

That one ABBA song about kissing the teacher would be received awfully differently if it were released today, wouldn't it?

Dress like you're walking that fine line between societal conformity and individual expression.

OK Mastodon. Real talk time.

Evangelion the series


Evangelion the movies?

In an alternative timeline I'm a hermit.

People who have the default wallpaper on their computer's desktop are untrustworthy.

Muses on how many others converted their music to OGG-Vorbis files on principle 🤔

Anyone else notice that Google is doing a good ol' embrace, extend, extinguish on email?

True Kilts: Debunking the Myths About Highlanders and Clan Tartans

Did you know most 'clan tartans' were made up?

LinkedIn profile picture all fall into the following categories:

1. professional portrait
2. wedding photo (cropped)
3. Casual informal photo (good)
4. Casual informal photo (blurred)
5. Selfie through dirty camera lens
6. Personal marketing company logo

Happy Independence Day (for the Americans) 🇺🇸

Happy Saturday for everyone else :blobrainbow:

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