If you weren't aware, there is currently a campaign in Japan to eliminate the rule that women must wear heels in many workplaces.

As with many of these things, the nuances are generally being ignored in favour of the headline, but it does highlight the conflict between actual and perceived social norms that also exist in western countries.

“I think a lot of straight men let their girlfriends buy their clothes most of the year, then summer comes around and they go to H&M or Superdry and make … a /bold/ purchase.”


Ditch the flip-flops and comedy shirts: summer fashion for men | Fashion | The Guardian

"If younger consumers mean what they say about tackling the climate crisis, then fast fashion – clothes so cheap, they are practically disposable – should be going the way of plastic coffee cups. Fashion...[creates] environmental headaches right through from production to the landfill created when people tire of their bargains.”

Cheap and cheerful: why there’s more to Primark’s success than you thought | Business

"I think men can look amazing in skirts – everyone says men look great in kilts but they are the same thing! Why is a man in a skirt “in drag” while a man in a kilt is considered very masculine? It’s only down to the fact that people have a problem with the label.”


Will Young: ‘If I were to do this concert now, I’d probably wear a skirt’ | Fashion | The Guardian

Sex, power, oppression: why women wear high heels

"And so, again and again I have found that the question of high heels – to wear them or not to wear them, what they mean or don’t mean, signify or don’t signify, ask for or don’t ask for – has been an unlikely but fertile locus of feminist debate."

Lenny Kravitz: ‘I wore a red suede tunic suit – I knew I was taking a risk’

"The musician explains how the outfit he wore in the Are You Gonna Go My Way video made him feel powerful and beautiful, and set him apart from every other 90s performer"

Welcome to hell, fellas! Now the world of fashion is coming for you, too

"After centuries of women being given rigid rules about how they should dress, a recent article in the Observer gave men similar advice – and it didn’t go over well"

Billy Porter messed up with his 'tuxedo gown' from last night.

The problem is that he took two incompatible garments & merged them into one. A tuxedo and a gown are two distinct outfits that compliment each other when worn separately. Smooshing them together eviscerates the message they usually evoke.

To that end, Porter's effort skews more towards 'notice me' than being a harbinger of progressiveness in and gender expression.

There's a few problems with this article, but its heart is in the right place.

5 Celebrities Proving That Men Can Rock Womenswear If They Want


One aspect of clothing and that is quite amazing is that men's outfits glorify the body while women's outfits glorify the face.

There is a difference and its remarkably easy to spot on people once you're aware of it.

Floral patterns in men's are terribly underrated and understated

An excellent call to arms. Fashion and style are not mutually exclusive, but there's a lot of noise surrounding both at the moment that is rather acute in menswear at the moment.

A Second Sartorial Revolution? – Parisian Gentleman

Currently reading 'Dressing the Man: Mastering the Art of Permanent Fashion' by Alan Flusser and the abiding notion it gave me is that men need to wear things around their waist rather than their hips.

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