The rise of the red-carpet dandy

"Kocharian thinks that a fluidity around the gender conversation has had a knock-on effect on the celebrity world. “There is a more evolved view of masculinity in the past few years where men are able to embrace their femininity, too,” he says. “It is to be celebrated, not suppressed, which in turn has lead to much more creativity and diversity in what we’re seeing on the red carpet.”

I've only flicked through this book so far but it looks absolutely amazing. Will definitely be adding this to my library.

"Today, there are no such authorities, let alone a dominant look...others have used [this] to express themselves in more creative ways...Men have always been interested in clothing — the very definition of what Micheal Foucault calls an “open secret.” But rarely have Americans been able to talk about things they find beautiful, and talk about them all the time."


How We’ll Remember This Decade

"The gender-blurring 70s are a significant reference point for designers this season, “particularly in the way that masculinity was performed as something which could be both outlandish, decorative and still highly potent”, said Ellen Sampson, the author of the forthcoming book Worn: Footwear, Attachment and Affects of Wear."


High fashion: the rise of heels for men via @wallabag

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