"I think men can look amazing in skirts – everyone says men look great in kilts but they are the same thing! Why is a man in a skirt “in drag” while a man in a kilt is considered very masculine? It’s only down to the fact that people have a problem with the label.”


Will Young: ‘If I were to do this concert now, I’d probably wear a skirt’ | Fashion | The Guardian

Sex, power, oppression: why women wear high heels

"And so, again and again I have found that the question of high heels – to wear them or not to wear them, what they mean or don’t mean, signify or don’t signify, ask for or don’t ask for – has been an unlikely but fertile locus of feminist debate."

Welcome to hell, fellas! Now the world of fashion is coming for you, too

"After centuries of women being given rigid rules about how they should dress, a recent article in the Observer gave men similar advice – and it didn’t go over well"

Dated style aside, things were quite progressive in the 1970s as this ad for perfectly proportioned three piece suits demonstrates.

Both models look equally good in the same outfit. The masculinity of the suit does not diminish the femininity of the woman, and the masculinity of the man is not diminished by the woman wearing the same thing as he is.

It would be really great to see something of this caliber that's contemporary and uses a feminine outfit as a base instead.

It's Time to Let Boys Be Girly

"We've taught men to reject traits like gentleness, empathy and sensitivity. But if men don’t have the means to deal with their anger and frustration in a healthy fashion, it can have deadly consequences."

Why Most Women Wear Pants But Most Men Don’t Wear Dresses - Racked


A very interesting article. The intersection of , , and is intimately enmeshed with , , and .

The fact that men's clothing empowers women but that women's clothes emasculate men is telling of how far we have yet to go.

At the end of the day, its just fabric after all.


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