The final volume of Princess Jellyfish was finally in the library! Can't wait to read it but will have to wait until tomorrow :(

Time to read more while the Mastodon instance creates a backup

Why people pirate: example 1

American publisher releases the first 8 volumes of a 13-volume . Their last release was 4 years ago and the manga itself finished its run 8 years ago.

Why is the English run not complete?

"Licensing issues”

And thus the manga fan is forced to decide between wasting their time on an 'unfinished' series or finding alternative methods of reading the entire story.

Well that's delightful.

I placed a hold on volume 5 of the I'm reading but now the library is saying they don't have any copies at all any more :blobwaitwhat:

I think I might as well just buy it because I'm definitely going to collect the entire series eventually anyway.

It appears that the I've fallen in love with has a first volume that's out of print and is now fabulously expensive (relatively speaking) second hand.

I happened to read the translation notes at the end of the volume I finished last night and the translator makes it a point to discuss honorifics in translated manga.

He's pulls no punches when chastising western 'otaku' either.

Now that I'm buying the Princess Jellyfish volumes it's a great excuse to read it again!


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