The final volume of Princess Jellyfish was finally in the library! Can't wait to read it but will have to wait until tomorrow :(

Time to read more while the Mastodon instance creates a backup

Why people pirate: example 1

American publisher releases the first 8 volumes of a 13-volume . Their last release was 4 years ago and the manga itself finished its run 8 years ago.

Why is the English run not complete?

"Licensing issuesโ€

And thus the manga fan is forced to decide between wasting their time on an 'unfinished' series or finding alternative methods of reading the entire story.

Well that's delightful.

I placed a hold on volume 5 of the I'm reading but now the library is saying they don't have any copies at all any more :blobwaitwhat:

I think I might as well just buy it because I'm definitely going to collect the entire series eventually anyway.

It appears that the I've fallen in love with has a first volume that's out of print and is now fabulously expensive (relatively speaking) second hand.

I happened to read the translation notes at the end of the volume I finished last night and the translator makes it a point to discuss honorifics in translated manga.

He's pulls no punches when chastising western 'otaku' either.

Now that I'm buying the Princess Jellyfish volumes it's a great excuse to read it again!

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