Have you ever wanted to practise in dramatic natural environments while wearing only a but didn't know how?

Worry no more, there's a guidebook!

I've only flicked through this book so far but it looks absolutely amazing. Will definitely be adding this to my library.

If you think about it, the is the perfect racket.

First of all they're everywhere, so there's always one nearby.

They have a large and diverse supply of enticing 'product'

You can get hooked after your first visit.

They've craftily designed their scheme so that you HAVE to come back again when the massive selection almost pressures you into perpetuating the cycle.

They actively steal billions in copyright residuals by letting people borrow books they would otherwise buy.

'This is what the second largest diamond in the world looks like!"

*photo of a shiny rock*

Thank you Google, for eliminating the ability to customize shortcuts on the locksceen.

Every time my camera inadvertently opens when I unlock the screen, I wonder at the indescribable genius that led you to this decision.

The car wash across the street merrily wished me a 'Happy Hump Day' this morning as I drove to work.

Have I arrived at peak middle class suburbanism?

What young women think in 2020

Children’s charity Plan International UK and photographer Joyce Nicholls travelled across the UK talking to young women about the issues important to them in 2020: public safety, body image, social media and feminism. Their research found that girls are fed up and frustrated with the lack of real progress on gender equality.

Most people receive email spam on such topics as: increasing the size of your member, the one secret to save thousands on gas, this tax loophole the IRS doesn't want you to know about, etc. etc.

I, on the hand, receive spam emails about "pinecone research" 🌲🔬

@admin You're an awesome admin! These things happen and you can only do what you can do. Everyone here ought to be patient and understanding of the effort you put in on our behalf.

Announcement to the audience,

Please expect to see regular toots of Japanese streetwear in the near future.

Thank you,

-The management.

I can feel it. This is the decade clothing goes gender neutral. Dresses for everyone.

"Today, there are no such authorities, let alone a dominant look...others have used [this] to express themselves in more creative ways...Men have always been interested in clothing — the very definition of what Micheal Foucault calls an “open secret.” But rarely have Americans been able to talk about things they find beautiful, and talk about them all the time."


How We’ll Remember This Decade

"The gender-blurring 70s are a significant reference point for designers this season, “particularly in the way that masculinity was performed as something which could be both outlandish, decorative and still highly potent”, said Ellen Sampson, the author of the forthcoming book Worn: Footwear, Attachment and Affects of Wear."


High fashion: the rise of heels for men
theguardian.com/fashion/2020/j via @wallabag

“The problem with these tests is twofold. First, parents are testing their children in ways that could have serious implications as they grow older — and they are not old enough to consent. Second, by sharing their children’s genetic information on public websites, parents are forever exposing their personal health data.”


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