What the world really need right now is another Matrix movie.

How do YOU think this government agency manages its projects?

Why Pen + Paper are good for you

Even though I love technology and incessantly download productivity apps, I still am a paper-and-pen guy. I love the feel of fine artisanal Japanese paper notebooks and extra-fine nibs of my Sailorโ€ฆ


What hand gesture should I make at passing vehicles during this journey?

I am in the grossly uncomfortable position of knowing that the new hire is a direct replacement for the person currently in an offsite contract position which ends in October.

I need help, which should I choose!

remember the tumblr post that was like "attention Robin Hood fans: did you know that stealing is ILLEGAL"

As bad as that example is, it's got nothing on KMyMoney which is inexplicitly called that and not Kash

The fact that it's called KPatience and not Kards is the reason why the year of the Linux desktop is an utter fallacy.

Stress - Justice


Not many songs manager to encapsulate a feeling so perfectly

Wobbly windows were good, and I miss them.


Still gets hit on average once every three months.

People gonna people.

I'm coming around to believing that many of the problems associated with poor behaviour online can be attributed to the poor behaviour such users exhibit in real life.

Tools can help mitigate for this, but I think assuming that technology will solve issues in human psychology is horrendously misplaced.

(continued) "... Rose of Versailles's huge popularity with young Japanese women through the years might explain why Kakuranger's creators decided to depict Tsuruhime's fantasy in this particular way."


"It's kind of hard to miss that Tsuruhime's "prince" is being played by a woman. Chances are this is a reference to Rose of Versailles, a best-selling 1972 shoujo manga set in Revolutionary France.

The manga's protagonists are Marie Antoinette and her cross-dressing bodyguard Lady Oscar Francois de Jarjayes, who is depicted as a masculine ideal that happens to occupy a feminine body. Women in the manga typically adore Lady Oscar as a sort of "perfect prince." - Kakuranger's G.U.I.S fansub notes

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