So the fact that in the are so critical about , because they apparently fear a significant problem, I find surprising as an outsider, but good!

Just bought a #nintendo switch lite for me, it will arrive in a few days. I'll buy animal crossing and play it. Let's see if it can make me stay away from the toxic/stressful competitive games and let me relax and actually have fun while playing it :ablobcatheart:

#games #gaming


If you ever wounder why Julian Assange faces a 175 year sentence if extradited

it's for revealing war crimes and human rights abuses


"Online work is so in demand right now even our Jeepneys can route via SSH"

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2017: "Voice Channel would attract more people."
#Matrix: "Probably."


2019: "Hey Matrix devs, wouldn't Voice channel be awesome?!"
Matrix: "Yeah, Let's think about it."

2020: "Seriously, everyone wants it."
Matrix: "We know."

2021: "How about talking? Like... In groups?"
Matrix: "Stiiiill working."

2022: "My dudes..."
Matrix: "It's on our list. Seriously."

Meanwhile at literally everyone elses HQ:

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