"Bricolage", as they say in French! Or "jugaad", as we say in India.

#thecricket 🏏 

Looks like England will avoid the follow on. :P

Decent fightback from India so far.


Here's a much-overdue introduction!

I am a science writer by training and profession, working at #CERN since Sep 2010 and communicating everything to do with #particlephysics.

Since Jan 2014, I've also been pursuing a PhD in #scicomm, from UWE Bristol (remote, part-time -- a hell of a combination that I do not wish upon anyone).

I love learning (about) programming.

When I can spare the time, I also attend #taekwondo training and play #thecricket for the CERN Cricket Club.

This looks nice. We're a podcast. Here's our latest episode. Hopefully our toots will improve as we learn the ways of the Mastodon.


Back to the grind tomorrow, after a decent two weeks off from work (although I did tackle some -related tasks over the break).

How's everyone else on here getting along?


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