- We have 2FA on the website.
- We have a new Privacy Policy to comply with GDPR.
- We turned 5 years old, back in Match
- We opened and then closed our Tor relay
- Nice updates to the Website thanks to Yummy

Starting now, we're starting again with our presence on the interwebs, so expect a lot more posts soon.

- Minenash

(1/2)Wow, It's been a year and three months since our last post here. Well to get you guys quickly caught up:

- Modules have been updated *heavily*.
- We now have Big Plots.
- We reset the survival worlds at the beginning of the year.
- Many staff changes, including Pepich who was and still is paying for our hosting, and who deved the most out of all of us.
- We updated to 1.13
- Helper rank is back.
- The build team was created, reheaded, and then dismantled.
- Emails now use our own domain.

Happy Halloween! We spookified our spawn. Go check it out!

What? A recap posted on time? This must be a different universe! Read our new universe's September Recap here: redstoner.com/blog/166

@jomo, the longest running staff member, has now officially retired. We wish him the best in life; and we thank him for all he has done for this server.

In case you missed our monthly recap. No fear, here it is: redstoner.com/blog/165

We're making an Official Redstoner Mod Pack for 1.7.10. It'll include technical mods like CC, ProjectRed and more. Suggestions are welcomed.

Another month, another recap!

We've experienced some pretty big changes both on the website and the server this last month, so check out the July blogpost here: redstoner.com/blog/164

@pyjamal1ama How about you realize that we decided to only do one, so you can finish anyway? ☺

The website finally has all of the badges that are on the server! @pyjamal1ama is currently updating the users to the new badges.

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