New coat (and profile photo). And for those who ask, worry not: it's made with ethically sourced, 100% organic, GMO free, no antibiotics, free range, bespoke, farm fresh Muppet pelts.

So glad I have next week off work.

Plan to release v0.7.0 with federation support ASAP. We might be able to ship v1.0 this year! :pixelfed:

there it goes! just, the paint needs more time to dry properly in this weather. The birds won't like the smell at first

Der Weihnachtsmarkt beim Sternen in der Ravennaschlucht war ja heute wieder gut für ein paar Bilder mit der Ravennabrücke, aber ansonsten viel zu überlaufen, und mit wenigen Überraschungen an den Ständen.

Fine snow drifting over a rock.
Hard to capture on a video with the little old camera I take...

A few pictures from today.
Getting the car in/out of the loch road required at various points, using the foot mats, digging and a helpful push from a stranger.
Up to Lochnagar and back. Snapped a pole 😠 and the pins in my shoes are not staying in despite glue. Come payday, a new pole and some orienteering shoes are order of the day.

Well, this piece ain't done, so I had to settle for "rest of the fucking bowl" instead of "rest of the fucking owl."

But I was only a letter off from finishing my goal. So I'm getting there. 🙃

Not sure if it was one of the geminids that I got lucky and saw on an evening stroll, or something else burning in the atmosphere.
Either way, it was quite impressive. Lasted long enough for me to point it out to my wife before it passed. 😀

Does remind me of the Billy Bragg lines though.

"I saw two shooting stars last night
I wished on them but they were only satellites
Is it wrong to wish on space hardware
I wish, I wish, I wish you'd care"

Crossing fingers for the weather.
Potentially good snow being dumped on the Cairngorms on Saturday, followed by fine conditions Sunday.
I have enough time for something big on Sunday.
Big + Snow = Big Fun 😀

Let's hope they are vaguely right 👍

For everyone at this time of year, non-religious, religious, with people, or apart from people. I love this, especially on a dark, cold morning. A message from our favourite fedi-clown @RussSharek

#joy #kindness

These pictures were taken at about the same time as the ones I just posted but I switched the camera to a manual setting that captures better the actual colour and darkness.
The #photography #nofilter #noprocessing #mastoart

The nice thing about December in #Glasgow is that the sun rises late. And some of these late sunrises are spectacular. Like yesterday's.
#photography #nofilter #noprocessing #mastoart

Don’t suppose anyone on the fedverse can help me out?

I’m looking for a comic about being pigeonholed as a gay/queer artist/comic creator.

The comic had an artist try to draw other subjects, but they all ended up phalic or him drawing his boyfriend. It was in black and white.

This is for a uni project and would make an amazing reference. I can’t remeber that artist name sadly.

Boosts are okay!

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