I've been hacking on an ancient #thinkpad r50e. Despite best efforts, I can't get the thing to wake up properly from suspend or hibernate.

Goes to bed as expected, and won't wake up.

Would love some help if you have any ideas.

Debian minimal install with i3wm. Acpi appears functional, acpi-support configured correctly by every guide I could find.

I'm stumped at this point, and not closing the lid without a plan. :)

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Today I saw the most 1970s building ever. The ground floor (not pictured) was a clothes shop in the same shade of beige.

Here's a re-purposed toilet paper roll craft I did the other day - making a puzzle treat feeder for my cat!

You just cut 4 loops from the roll and push them inside each other, then stick a treat in!

A short soundless video of the clouds. Just a little experiment in using peertube.
Not sure how to use it in a toot via Mastalab, so we will see what adding the link does...


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A few days ago I visited the Zapatista region in Mexico. The Zapatistas are anarchists who revolted against the government in 1994, and still control a large area. I finally managed to write a blog post about my visit, and it includes some nice art from their town.

There are a lot of pictures, so maybe don't open it on a mobile connection.


#ezln #zapatista #anarchism #socialism #communism #mexico

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