Goodnight friends! Brittle & bracing, gauzy wisps of cloud still hanging onβ€”barely filtering cold sunlight that glints on the white bodies of swooping gulls as if they were polished steel. Autumn reveals again the small weird beauty of fasciated branches on a cherry tree by our door.
Energy still slowly climbingβ€”I felt enough stable creative & physical energy both to take a walk & prep a small extra for a v. kind patron of our online shop.

May we find new sparks of wonder in the familiar today!

And finally for this evening...
Donaghadee - a rather delightful small town on the west coast of Northern Ireland, not far from Belfast.

Ballintoy Church - On the north coast of Northern Ireland, where the skies are very big.

Ok, Techradar, you are disgusting.

Please note that in the second screenshot "Accept All" checks all the checkboxes and quits, i.e. NOT what you're expecting.

And as if this wasn't enough, you have to click "Leave" on the 3rd screenshot to actually save your opt-outs.

This deception is shameful #GDPR #GDPRHallOfShame

Did you know that #mastalab automatically clean url by removing utm parameters?

Weather yesterday morning was not quite as fine as today, but I usually get a morning hill walk in with my wife.
Bit blustery on Mither Tap, but it is a lovely little hill to get up. You can also see it from my garden, so quite easy to get to πŸ˜€

Today's trail pictures.
Hard to believe it was snow not long ago. Such a glorious day for November. Some people to the south will have got lucky if they got to the tops, having a cloud layer below them πŸ˜€
I could see it, but it was all clear skies for the hills around me.

Love this 😝
Weirdly, it is not really the privacy that bugs me the most with these types of devices.
It is the willingness to become blindly dependent on them for the most mundane of tasks and as a source of information.

My sister in law was making pancakes, and asked it how much flour to use. It never crossed her mind to ask her sister who was in the room πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ Strange habits that seem to develop...

Alexa, a song by Beans On Toast

I'd love a basic feature phones that offers:

– phone function
– mp3 player
– navigation maybe
– basic web browser to find out phone numbers and train connections
– bonus points for support of Signal and/o Telegram and tethering to a laptop

Should not have:

– short battery life (less than a day)
– social media stuff (please without twitter built in)
– a too high price tag

Any suggestions? I don't really need a smartphone and I get annoyed by the need to constantly recharge.

I'd <3 a retoot

I'm probably preaching to the choir here, but there absolutely _needs_ to be a federated version of GitHub/GitLab.

Let me host my projects' critical infrastructure (issue tracker, PRs, private repos etc) on my own servers, while also being able to interact and socialize with the rest of the open source world.

I'll keep saying this until someone builds it - I would do it myself if I had enough time on my hands right now.

Long day, about 12 hours from leaving the house until getting home again.
Worth it though, as it was some great training from a good guy on how to lead cycle groups.

Well needed as our school's girls bike club has ballooned in numbers, so extra ride leaders were called for to deal with the demand πŸ˜€

Also far better than the death by PowerPoint that is the usual fare on in-service days 😝

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