Got another 30km ride in on the ankle. Felt stronger today. Hope I can get running again at the end of the week. Maybe trails next week? #cycling #trailrunning #ultrarunning #running

@RunningInCircles I did take a 20foot fall off a cliff so even if it takes longer a sprained ankle is lucky

One of my favourite bits of singletrack technical trail has a *substantial* drop on one side. It is one of the reasons it is beautiful to both look at and run on.
However, the consequences of a mistake would be *interesting*.
Cannot sanitise the wild places, so long may all of us that go out there stay lucky and heal quickly 馃榾

@RunningInCircles yeah I was breaking a new route. Been in the same spot in the winter but snow makes it safer in this instance. Well lesson learned and my friend is a physiotherapist so he鈥檚 working on me lots

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