Today's trail pictures.
17 and change miles in glorious weather. The forecast was for the cloud to be below the higher peaks, so headed out to see if I could take advantage of the inversion and get above it. Did at times, but to be honest there was little cloud at all in some areas. Blue skies made up for that 😀


A short soundless video of the clouds. Just a little experiment in using peertube.
Not sure how to use it in a toot via Mastalab, so we will see what adding the link does...


Shame the Peertube videos don't show thumbnail & card when you embed them in Mastodon.

Is that an open for registration Peertube instance?

I get a video preview once the toot is published. Both in Mastalab and via the web interface. Do you not?

It didn't initially when I saw it in my home timeline (web UI). Automatically displaying the thumbnail/card in the home timeline would be the desired behaviour.

Once I clicked on "Show thread" it displayed the thumbnail in the fourth column. The home timeline then updated to include the thumbnail.

I'll check this with other browsers.

Perhaps it's to do with the way peertube propagates? I do not know a huge amount about it, other than it uses p2p and can.cope with a bit more than I can upload to Mastodon.
I'll have to read up on it.


Càrn an t-Sagairt Beag

Part of a loop starting at the Spittal of Loch Muick, up to Lochnagar and around down off Broad Cairn.
Cairngorm range in Scotland.

@RunningInCircles are you starting from Braemar or from the fessel-lift at the ski Area? How long do you walk?

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