Tories rebrand a verified twitter account to look like a fact checking service.
Be interesting to see if Twitter actually do anything about it. Twitter's verified account's first ever tweet explicitly says that it will result in removal of verification.

I predict that they will posture and prevaricate and nothing will actually happen 🙄

And there it is...
No action, just a promise to act in the future.

Twitter said in a statement that it had rules in place to prohibit misleading behaviour.

“Any further attempts to mislead people by editing verified profile information - in a manner seen during the UK Election Debate - will result in decisive corrective action,”

@RunningInCircles I constantly see that whenever politicians determine that chutzpah wins, they typically get away with it. Incredible arrogance here - and Raab's attitude and dismissive attitude overlaps with both Cummings and Rees-Mogg - but, yes, it'll likely blow over fast.

I would like to say you are wrong. Not because I want to disagree with you, but that I don't like the situation you describe.
But I feel you have it nailed. :ablobgrimace:

@RunningInCircles I hope I'm wrong. I watched the first half of the debate and had to go out for a walk I was so depressed by it. My analysis here is formed by results in the Czech Republic as well as elsewhere, but sadly I see the patterns repeat. Civil society is a funny bugger in the UK, though, both vigorous in places and diverse, so it throws up surprises often.

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