Oh, and the fact that what his power grab proposes, is predicated on taking advantage of the death of someone opposed to his policies and proposals.

We are all but pawns and playthings to the privileged.

Racist, homophobic, inflammatory and looking for any chance to appeal to base emotion and provoke response. Lets be clear, there is no opportunity this man and his ilk would not take in order to serve a personal agenda. People are just toys and playthings.

I give you Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson.


Calling for an end to privacy.

Bear in mind his opinions of those that are *different* to him.


How would that power be used?

Spineless and pathetic from the BBC.

I am sadly, NOT that surprised.

Selfie, EC 

Been playing with Duolingo Scottish Gaelic this morning. Seems to my untrained eye to be OK.

However, dog is cΓΉ. Which sounds like "coo", the word in these parts for cow. So how my rusty Doric/English fusion that I have adopted copes with such clashes, it will be interesting to see.

I fear some dog has lost its friend :blobsad:

She's hanging around hoping for a reunion.

Would like to see more about this. Raises tons of questions in my head.

Effects of greenspace morphology on mortality at the neighbourhood level: a cross-sectional ecological study



Nicola Sturgeon's tweets at times are great.
First calling Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson a liar.
Now this 🀣🀣🀣🀣

New toy.

Re-assuringly heavy πŸ˜ƒ

Have messed around with little hand crimps in the past and hitting die with hammers. Decided for the relatively low cost, this was easier.

Nothing fancy, but doesn't need to be, just to compress vertically consistently.

Spent the day with my head in the clouds.

Also, my feet. Theme of the day was white. Ground and sky blurring into one.

Mild, but more challenging in some ways for navigation on the plateau.

Not really a day for photos, but lovely out.


Light wasn't great for anything other than macro type shots today.
Headuing for Cairn Toul or McDui tomorrow. See which way the hill pulls me.

Rough mock up image for a simple carved bone pendant, carrying a Pictish z-rod symbol.

Be interesting when the actual laser turns up how what I can visualise in my head has to adapt to work with the tools and materials.

Designed to hang on a simple leather cord below a single bead.

Finished not too finely so you can still see that it's bone and not plastic/ceramic.

Well that's the *theory* 😝

Weird stuff happens when you copy from inkscape into lightburn.

It brings in the svg as a shape and then a bunch of text that is also the svg in xml form. :blobshrug:

Kind of, "I'm not sure what you want, so I'll try and do everything you might want."

Works well enough I guess.

Tories rebrand a verified twitter account to look like a fact checking service.
Be interesting to see if Twitter actually do anything about it. Twitter's verified account's first ever tweet explicitly says that it will result in removal of verification.

I predict that they will posture and prevaricate and nothing will actually happen πŸ™„


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