Today's trail pictures.
17 and change miles in glorious weather. The forecast was for the cloud to be below the higher peaks, so headed out to see if I could take advantage of the inversion and get above it. Did at times, but to be honest there was little cloud at all in some areas. Blue skies made up for that πŸ˜€

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New kitten is still with it's mother at home, not quite ready to join us.
Received this picture of it, which is great. πŸ˜€

However, I cannot but help feel it is already judging us... Either that, or it is a future super-villain with a look like that.

Was not quite Braemar* temperature, and I do not believe the car thermometer to be accurate, but it was a bit nippier this morning.

Glorious sunshine now, but given how low it is this time of year, it will probably still be chilly through the day πŸ˜€

*On the news as being the coldest recorded temperature last night at -10.5Β°c

If you have a love of the outdoors and half an hour to spare, this is well worth a listen.

I loved the use of chalk boards to call an abort before mobile phones. I thought of it as I drove past the pass where they would have placed it today.

BBC Radio Scotland - Scotland Outdoors, Mark and Euan meet up with three mountain rescue team members who recall their experiences on the mountains of Scotland

Speaking of breeze. It was full on, lean into the wind to stay upright on the tops.
Hard to capture that in an image, but maybe a hint of it in this one 🌬️
Especially as I was wedged into the rocks by the cairn at the time, so not in the full wind...

Back after a few breezy hours in the hills.

Noticed this sign above a makeshift bench today.

Scroys Seat, if I can read the sign right. It is rather weather worn. Rests against a stable up high on the approach to Broad Cairn from the Spittal.

Have they been reading Doctorow's Little Brother? Sheesh...
(Posted by my OH in disgust in our family chat to see what our kids thought.)

Schools in China introduce uniforms with GPS chips to track students’ movements and stop napping

Skiving off classes triggers an alarm to notify both teachers and parents of student’s absence

Missed this at the time (not on twitter) just turned up via a Slashdot rss feed.

Regardless of the fact that their terms of use allow them to do this, it is still sleazy and shows their view of a user as just a commodity.

YouTube faces backlash on Twitter over lifted, uncredited holiday video

β€˜It’s saddening to see this happen by YouTube itself’

Walked up Scolty with my youngest this morning. Bit of a touristy area, but have kept meaning to go and have a look at the tower, so took the opportunity.

Also stopped at the nearby Falls of Feugh, which I have often glimpsed from a car. Must be worth watching the salmon heading up there at the right time of year πŸ˜€

There was a heron, so some fish still around.
We also got swept past by a buzzard earlier and watched a hawk hanging on the breeze looking for something to drop on.

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