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Thanks to @admin
No reflection on the person who gave a welcoming space.

Just moving to somewhere with a finance/regulation structure that fits with my ideals a little more.

Hope to see some of you over there at some point, my lovely strange and diverse souls πŸ˜€

OK, my timeline seems to have gone all non-linear. Times and toots all over the shop. Reloads get different results :blobshrug:

As an aside, do I see pictures are working again πŸ˜ƒ

My children would probably like this idea. How big were the chunks? Thinking of making sure it is cooked through.

If you have that many people you can move the car by bouncing it. We once put a car perfectly between two posts so it couldn't drive out after it blocked in a French pensioner by double parking. He was in a flap, and we were a bunch of climbers happy to help.

I liked qwant for some things, but long term landed on DuckDuckGo. Now I have learnt it's quirks, I can get what I need pretty well.

Aaah, yes. Indeed you did πŸ‘
Accountability seems to be a thing of the past sadly. So I will hope for some action, bit expect none.

I know what you mean.
I have several on the go that I dip in and out of, and an ever growing list in StandardNotes of books that look interesting.

"None of the election’s other major parties had adverts pulled in recent months, according to the records."

Google bans eight different Tory election adverts as disinformation concerns mount

Alex Cobham, director of the Tax Justice Network said: β€œFor political donors to run companies in secrecy jurisdictions need not imply wrongdoing, but it certainly increases the risks – the risks of tax abuse, and of violations of the laws on political funding.”

He added: β€œIt beggars belief that the UK is conducting another election without addressing any of the very clear issues of opaque funding that have been, and are still being, uncovered in relation to the most recent votes held here.”

Follow the money goes the saying. Bit difficult when it goes to a deliberate black hole. Doesn't imply wrongdoing, but it does raise questions.
Fine writeup from The Ferret.

Tories and LibDems given Β£658,000 by firms linked to tax havens

Conservatives and LibDems accepted hundreds of thousands of pounds to help fight the general election from companies linked to tax havens.

Back from the hill.
Nippy start, but a bright day.
-6Β°c at the start.
Photographs after shower πŸ˜€

Maybe. 500 errors on web interface and an oops error via Fedilab :blobcatgooglyshrug:

Oh, and the fact that what his power grab proposes, is predicated on taking advantage of the death of someone opposed to his policies and proposals.

We are all but pawns and playthings to the privileged.

Racist, homophobic, inflammatory and looking for any chance to appeal to base emotion and provoke response. Lets be clear, there is no opportunity this man and his ilk would not take in order to serve a personal agenda. People are just toys and playthings.

I give you Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson.

Calling for an end to privacy.

Bear in mind his opinions of those that are *different* to him.

How would that power be used?

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