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Sexy forestry equipment
Komatsu Forwarder 865

Max speed: 13mph
0-60: Don't be daft
Passengers: 0
Weight: 19 tonnes
Price: ~£200,000

Today's trail pictures.
17 and change miles in glorious weather. The forecast was for the cloud to be below the higher peaks, so headed out to see if I could take advantage of the inversion and get above it. Did at times, but to be honest there was little cloud at all in some areas. Blue skies made up for that 😀

Despite the fact that I doubt they work 12 hour days this time of year, it doesn't make it any less of a gaping chasm...

It’s ‘Fatcat Friday’ - CEO pay for 2019 surpasses the amount the average UK worker earns all year | Blog | High Pay Centre

UK Pol, Brexit, food 

I believe this is an example of what is known as 'Crown shyness', where the canopies of several trees appear to leave a gap between each other.

This was spotted at the car park of Pasir Ris Park, Singapore, on 1 Jan 2019.

More info on crown shyness [ ].

New kitten is still with it's mother at home, not quite ready to join us.
Received this picture of it, which is great. 😀

However, I cannot but help feel it is already judging us... Either that, or it is a future super-villain with a look like that.

That said, if I can have a pipe and a seat in the wingback chair by the fire... Well, I might not fight too hard 😝

Given that ever since I bought some braces for a pair of motorcycle trousers ordered online that were too big around the waist, I have considered how they would be better then a belt in everyday life.

I fear this dooms me to slippers.

Some times you feel like the child.
Eternally young, playful and full of energy.

Other times, you catch sight of yourself in a moment and realise you are old.
Laying in a bath, listening to Howlin' Wolf and reading a copy of 2600 is one of those moments..

Dressing it up in the lie that it's OK because it's on an e-reader and the playlist earlier was eclectic, energetic and anarchic, is a self-deception that doesn't wash.

I own neither slippers or a cardigan, but feel their stealthy approach.

Age =/= experience
You can be a 1000 year old tree and have never explored the world beyond your line of sight.
You can be a little mold growing on the inside of some tupperware and quickly find yourself on an adventure that would make most entire humans tired.
You could be a little bit of moss on the sidewalk and know everything about how to be sturdy, while navigating softly.
You could be an entire forest of experiences on how to nake everything within it grow and help everything else, while knowing nothing of how to prevent death by chainsaw.
Or you could just be a seed, who knows a little bit about every possible thing they could want to be later.

Was not quite Braemar* temperature, and I do not believe the car thermometer to be accurate, but it was a bit nippier this morning.

Glorious sunshine now, but given how low it is this time of year, it will probably still be chilly through the day 😀

*On the news as being the coldest recorded temperature last night at -10.5°c

Anybody want to give a tip for an instance for a woman who is absolutely mainstream in practically everything, lives on Facebook and Instagram, runs her fashion business using them, but who is at the same time coming to understand the ecological, social, cultural, and political dangers of consumerism and surveillance capitalism? She is interested in fashion, loves sport and travel, and is getting into ecology. #NotWokeButWaking

Old Christmas trees are wanted for #meerkats, red #squirrels and #ferrets at an #owl sanctuary in #Suffolk ... (I'm not even sure how/why so many meerkats have ended up in this bit of England, possibly unwanted exotic pets?)

But this sanctuary is a good place and they will be looked after well..

I’ve been wanting to get out to the forge all week but have been under the weather so was unable to. This morning I felt a lot better and thus decided to forge a little hair clip and pin for my wife as it was something small and it was too hot outside for heavy forging.
Pictured is the finished piece and the clip being worn.

#blacksmith #metalwork #jewellery

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