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Got my third COVID vaccine yesterday. During the night I was shivering. Now I have a small headache, feels like a hangover.

Rynach boosted Aika huolestuttavaa kuinka aluevaalien äänestysprosentti (47,5 %) jäi vielä matalemmaksi verrattuna kuntavaaleihin (55,1 %).

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A dating app for both gays and necrophiles: CorpseGrindr

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This cartoon perfectly describes the new UK PR campaign against encryption. 'To protect the kids' is used to swing the public opinion against encryption. But make not mistake! Here we explain why we all need encryption for security:
We have to fight for our right to privacy! 💪💪💪

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:mastodon: : How do you do fellow meatbags and cell clumps? I believe I speak for the entire Fediverse when I say we don't do NFTs or crypto here, so welcome to any Twitter refugees running from monkey pictures.
:pleroma: : Um, the fediverse does have crypto built in. It's called 10grans.
:mastodon: : Just gonna pretend I didn't see that.
:based: : Um, yikes, refugees? That's heckin insensitive.
:mastodon: : Now this is a comment worth addressing! I, John Fediverse, self-appointed spokesman for the fediverse, hereby promise to Do Better™.
:based: : Good, also blocking those chuds up there that disagreed with you.

This thread is everything wrong with this place
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Biden did not greenlight an invasion of Ukraine. Biden has built a large coalition of countries to impose major sanctions on Russia should Putin invade. Biden also pledged $650 million in security assistance to Ukraine this year. That's trying to deter, not greenlight war.

I know the GOP is closer to being a fascist cult than a sane political party nowadays , but blaming Biden for Putin invading Ukraine again is like blaming Bush for Saddam invading Kuwait, blaming Eisenhower for Soviets invading Hungary, or blaming Roosevelt for Hitler invading Poland.

This is what happens when a gang of thugs (GOP) of with no actual beliefs other than gaining power for the sake of power weaponizes anything they can to distract people from facts, truth, and real information.

Biden's Ukraine comments prompt uproar -

So there's some drama going on with the development of Pleroma?

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English language tech youtubers: So I don't condone piracy but if you want your movies rips which MAKE SURE TO USE A VPN then this is how you setup jellyfin

Russian language tech youtubers: So here's how to write a telegram bot in python that pirates and uploads movies and here I am demonstrating as I commit the act of piracy to show this works
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Newspaper clipping from today's research: the 1998 debate over the legality of MP3 players, where the players were compared to bongs and the dubiously-sourced MP3s were like weed

This cartoon by Jyrki Vainio from 2014 started recently making rounds... and it's easy to see why.

It's hilarious to see Trump supporters and QAnon folks go apeshit after he praised COVID vaccines in an interview with OANN.

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