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What the everloving fuck? Chris Pratt is voicing Mario in the upcoming movie????????

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The science is unequivocal, extensively acknowledged and widely supported. Climate change is the defining crisis of our time.

Late Night Shares the Stage With Climate Change

Seven hosts dedicated their Wednesday shows to raising awareness about the urgent need to slow global warming ...

#ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateActionNow

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Holy shit this download speed for downloading an update is slow. This reminds of how slow our Internet used to be some 15 years ago.

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Republicans demonized the Covid solutions available to everybody at no or low cost (vaccines and masks) for one that is scarce and costs (someone) a massive amount of money and resources.

Anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers occupy most of the ICU beds. They are depleting the infusion inventory. They are crashing the health care system. They are burning out health care workers. They are wasting tax dollars. They are spreading covid.

Lower-income people and those with less ability to advocate for themselves to get treatment who remain unvaccinated will be left out, along with some of Republicans' own supporters. This is much more serious than people seem to realize.

Zero to almost zero cost to protect yourself and everyone you come into contact with. $2000 and you have to be sick already, no protection for others. That's not fiscally or morally responsible.

They Shunned Covid Vaccines but Embraced Antibody Treatment:

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Lyön vetoa, että jahka viimeisetkin koronarajoitukset puretaan ja kaikkialla aletaan toitottaa "paluuta normaaliin", nämä anoturtiaiset ja muut kulkutautimyönteiset ottavat tapahtuneesta kunnian itselleen.

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Fun fact: the song is a rehashed version of a song dUg made to demo Amptweaker's TightDrive pedals.

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It looks like dUg Pinnick got his music video done quite easily just by using stock videos of people dancing. This is groovy!

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"Take back your privacy" is suing TikTok for 2bln in the Netherlands for violating childrens' rights.
"It is clear that TikTok does not take children’s privacy seriously. TikTok keeps sacrificing children’s privacy to make a profit."

Of course I could say myriad of things regarding the Finnish public discourse around weed.... but I smoke weed occasionally and don't give a shit if it's legal or not.

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Tuli Ukkolan idioottimainen kirjoitus vastaan niin oli pakko muokata.

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