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Breaking News: Terry Jones, a member of the British troupe Monty Python who also had success as a director, screenwriter and author, has died at 77. nyti.ms/36aB6E0  #news

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BlackRock will put climate change at the center of its investment strategy, with environmental sustainability as a goal, its chief executive said nyti.ms/2ToyJuq  #news

archive.is/qHgJT Neil Peart, the drummer of Rush, has died of brain cancer. Press F to pay respects.

Cloned my computer's HDD to an NVMe SSD and holy shit everything feels really fast. Booting Windows and getting all necessary software to start doesn't take 10-20 minutes anymore.

This instance was down for some time. WTF???


Meshuggah's Koloss was a more controlled, streamlined and organic album compared to the preceding obZen. Around this time the new wave of modern metal called "djent" started gaining traction, and Meshuggah proved how they still are among the most heaviest and unique bands around. This is a colossal beast.


Worship Music marked first Anthrax album in 8 years and also Joey Belladonna's return. Joey's tenor vocals give the songs angst, strength and emotional depth. There are songs with the exact kind of thrash metal the fans expect ("Fight 'Em Till You Can't", "Earth on Hell"), more mid-tempo songs with groovy riffs ("The Devil You Know", "The Giant") and big sounding emotional pieces ("In the End"). The band sounds rejuvenated, fresh and really grown musically.


John Bush was familiar to me already during his Anthrax years, but Armored Saint was unknown to me before La Raza. This album has classical heavy metal with occasional bluesy, Latin and psychedelic moments scattered in. The overall result is still not hasty but mature; this is an old band after all.


Killing Joke's Absolute Dissent introduced me to the band along with their show at Tuska Open Air in 2011. It introduced me to Jazz Coleman's harsh and sometimes really aggressive vocals, along with somewhat cold industrial atmosphere aided by Geordie Walker's hypnotic, eerie but still heavy guitar playing.

I'm listing my favorite albums from the 2010s.

The first has to be Diamond Eyes by Deftones. Musically it has a more uplifting and a promising tone compared to the two preceding albums. This was result of Chi Cheng's car accident rendering him comatose and the band likely had to cope with it and process it musically. The result is a solid album as a whole.


Merry Christmas for everyone out there!

I have been a fan of Intronaut for a long time, and this new song by them is as progressive and psychedelic as one can expect. I really like the colorful, psychedelic and somewhat disturbing imagery, the band really differentiates from other metal bands out there. And this video also features dolphins! youtube.com/watch?v=pt1ssDvrvw

I'm high and pondering on Killing Joke's song lyrics.

youtu.be/ypkAAYRzauM Dayum this is a good short film about (less surprisingly) delivering pizzas. Well thought-out action scenes and delivery of suspense.

Up next: Labour will release a similar video titled "lo fi corbynwave"... which will also have hidden anti-semitic rablings. youtu.be/cre0in5n-1E

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Concentration camps in China 

There also appears to be frame rate drops related to asset streaming; just like in console versions but a lot less severe.

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