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Rynach boosted Glad I have never used GitHub for anything other than some student projects.

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Xbox Series S is a powerful new wearable promising in India Just learned about the death of Shamus Young, a gaming YouTuber and a contributor for The Escapist. This sucks, he had his way with words and gaming analysis.

Whew, Turkey now supports Sweden's and Finland's NATO membership! No months-long battle with this. A statement was made by our president Sauli Niinistö just now.

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Stop saying things like "Talibanization of the US". Stop blaming muslims all over the world for YOUR failure to contain the growth of *christian* extremism in your courts and your political system.

Overturning abortion laws on federal level is USA being a third world country wearing a Gucci belt part 9001.

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Don’t give Twitter any more of your mindshare or content. Write long form on your blog where it truly belongs.

Thought about reinstalling GTA V but nowadays it's over 100 GB in size. I highly doubt its loading times have improved since 2018. Why the fuck are games that big?

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:: CALL FOR HELP: ReplaySorcery

The ONLY instant-replay solution for Linux is dying!

If you're a gaming oriented developer, please consider coming to aid if ANY interest in such project.

Preferably, if you could ask around and bring others with you additionally :afire:

Let's not let this open source jewel for gamers fade.

Information flow is vital and together we are strong ❤️

Details =>

#Linux #help #developers #ReplaySorcery #GitHub #OpenSource #gaming #dev

However anyone wishing for a complete rundown of Dio's career is disappointed in the autobiography. It ends in ~1986 during the Sacret Heart tour, which Dio considered his peak. He had his own flourishing band rising to higher levels of fame he could never had imagined; with no control freaks like Richie Blackmore or Tony Iommi.

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Read Ronnie James Dio's autobiography "Rainbow in the Dark" recently. I loved how Dio told about his youth that had lots of wild turns and debauchery, and his rock and roll life with bands with all kinds of jokes played on bandmates. It was all told in a such lively manner. There was also additional commentary from his wife Wendy.

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Black Sabbath's album "Dehumanizer" just turned 30. This is so heavy and angry record with no lyrics about witches and dragons. Tony Iommi's thundering riffs and Vinny Appice's powerful drums give a big atmosphere. Sad how this lineup didn't last long. Here's my favorite song from the album, "I".

Head to and you can download Skinflint's new EP "Adze" for free! Fresh new heavy from Botswana!

Blaming Biden for raising gas prices seems to be the new "Thanks Obama".

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