Nintendo's customer service representatives are now instructed not to charge for Joy-Con repairs. This is the case in America, will it affect also other regions?

Luckily I didn't have a problem with Joy-Con's drifting, yet my Joy-Con R had to be sent to repair because of a malfunctioning analog stick.

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An op-ed from 50 years ago in America. Written by Sydney J Harris. Photo by Heidi Stevens Yleinen klisee on persujen päätyminen samaan kuvaan natsien kanssa; tällä kertaa päädytäänkin samaan taloon natsilippujen kanssa.
Aika huvittavaa kiemurtelua, ihan kuin ihmiset osaisivat erottaa kauempaa sen "lisäosan", joka tekee natsilipuista antifasistisia.

Holy shit, my laptop feels a lot faster! I just ordered 8 GB RAM. Currenty over 80 % of the current 4 GB is being used and the SSD swaps a lot.

Just got Kingston's 240GB SSD drive and Deltaco's USB-SATA adapter. I'm currently cloning my laptop's hard drive to it. Interesting to see how big the speed difference is!

Inkvisitor played somewhat old-school thrash that should remind people of Anthrax, Stone and other high-status bands of the same genre. This video is from Inkvisitor's album "Dark Arts of Sanguine Rituals", which rose the band into a new level, proving it's not an amateur band. Visually one would think how the video is just a cliché of Inkvisitor playing in a black-and-white setting but midway it gets more colorful with fluorescent colors.


I'm a computer science student graduating next spring. My main interest in the field is development.

My another interest is . This year I have resurrected my hobby of playing . Mainly I'm interested in , and experimental stuff.

has been my thing ever since childhood. I have a gaming PC assembled in early 2018 and a Nintendo Switch. Recently I have been playing Battlefield 3 and Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Hello Mastodon! This is my first toot here. Interesting to see how different experience this will be compared to Big Tech social media like Facebook and Twitter.

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