Jimbo is full of piss and vinegar when it comes to exposing bad actors of the gaming industry. This time it's Ubisoft's turn and because of the recently exposed company-wide sexual harassment scandal, for a good reason.

Now I can focus more on vidya and writing my master's thesis!

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Now I don't feel any kind of urge to go biking around the city and find my friends, let alone go have a beer in the local parks.

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The weather is now really windy and rainy but I enjoy it. All that heat and sunshine felt like the summer was in full force but it started to feel boring after a few weeks. Having fans on in my home 24/7, sweating..... I'm glad it's gone for a while.

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Microsoft should get their shit together regarding streaming. We need more competition for YouTube and Twitch, no shutting down Mixer. Let's hope Toys for Bob achieves good gameplay and challenge for this upcoming Crash Bandicoot game similarly to the original trilogy. There has to be more than nice looking cartoony visuals!

Finnish midsummer is really overrated.

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It's interesting when even former Google developers start to de-Google-ify their websites. This is from Jake Wharton who quit his job at Google just over a month ago (via Twitter):

"Google has been slowly rotting for years from their products outward."

Reason for removing Google Analytics from his website?

"Performance and privacy. Win-win."

IMO instead of taking down statues, they could be put in museums where they are presented in a proper context.

This is also a very unconventional Steve Vai song as a Strat style guitar is played fingerstyle with a very clean tone without a whammy bar.

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I love how this new Steve Vai song has a stripped-down sound. No extra studio trickery or gorillions of different tracks, just bass, guitar and drums.

I love jogging, even if it feels sometimes painful it makes me a lot more happy and energic.

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