Holy shit this download speed for downloading an update is slow. This reminds of how slow our Internet used to be some 15 years ago.

Tuli Ukkolan idioottimainen kirjoitus vastaan niin oli pakko muokata.

Finished the main quest of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It definitely felt like being rushed and abruptly cut from the half. It felt like how all the tension and plot threads were left for the sequel to resolve; the sequel that will likely never happen.

Sopuli.xyz having 69 users now is a milestone of its own.

The journey continues, I'm now using a similar Bliss OS. Pressing the power button now works like in any tablet instead of shutting it down. MicroG is also preinstalled which is great!

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No hyvä, 5G:n saamisessa ei pitäisi kestää liian pitkää aikaa.

Started watching the TV series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. I remember this from my childhood, not as well as Xena. This is at times wonderfully cheesy.

My Top Artists page on Last.fm looks like this currently.

Based on the first hour or so of gameplay, Watch Dogs Legion feels clunkier than the series' previous game. The camera doesn't stay the same when driving, the player may not move after shooting... and performance-wise there is still a lot of room for improvement.

Might as well test Watch Dogs Legion now that it has a free weekend trial.

Things regarding in Finland have gotten worse but in Estonia it's getting even more worse! So rapid rise in only a few weeks.

Time to post random video game screenshots! Here's Watch Dogs 2, I have been playing this a lot recently.

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