King's X is a great, sad how the band never got the popularity it deserved.

I love how this new Steve Vai song has a stripped-down sound. No extra studio trickery or gorillions of different tracks, just bass, guitar and drums.

Time to shill yet another band where my friends play, this time it's Bless who plays "crasher crust noise". Puddle of Mudd performed a bad cover of Nirvana's song "About a Girl". Now the YouTube legend StSanders made a good parody of that performance.


I'm a computer science student graduating next spring. My main interest in the field is development.

My another interest is . This year I have resurrected my hobby of playing . Mainly I'm interested in , and experimental stuff.

has been my thing ever since childhood. I have a gaming PC assembled in early 2018 and a Nintendo Switch. Recently I have been playing Battlefield 3 and Super Smash Bros Ultimate.


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