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Someone linked the plz throw dog under Thea refusing to let go of her toy so... here is the real life version of that

Dog, eye contact

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Sometimes you gotta know which threads to jump in and which to fav and move on
*someone in the crowd yells "you've jumped into six threads at once*
Yeah you just gotta think it through

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Can't upload pictures on top of this mountain apparently, but just know I'm on a hammock near the top of a mountain staring at the top of the neighboring mountain

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Oh, yeah, I put my Pop Tarts in the microwave if I want to heat them up. Muting this

The card reader on the vending machine is broken, so I couldn’t get my Pop Tarts. Thankfully, I have back up Pop Tarts. Does anyone think I’m interesting yet?

Ben willing a fediverse guild wars 2 guild into existence has been a very good character arc

Hmmm that kirby twink image search took me to some weird places on the internet, SFW images is a weird place

(reminder that i do tarot readings for venmo $)

past present future = 3$
seasons spread = 5$
celtic cross = 8$

dm for venmo/readings!!

You think its a normal pooltoy company, but flip it over, and the proper respect is shown.

[MY BOSS]: "You and I need to have a chat about appropriate work attire..."

[ME]: *muffled noise*

[BOSS]: "I can't understand what you're saying."

[ME]: *removes ball gag from mouth* "I said 'talk to my union rep, binch.'"

Currently trying to figure out why I have a sloth posing butt installed directly into my texting app. Like, it my phone just sme with this thing in here
wtf samsung/android/verizon?

@pig hmm she’s twirling an evil mustache, does not bode well

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