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@selontheweb your server seems slow, but whenever you get this let me know if your done with your paper so I can send you the goods

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the Em's wife activists are a group of people working together to find someone who'll marry me

they're always talking about men's rights activism, but what about Em's wife activism?

god damn these whippersnappers can just fuck right off with their "sugar free monster is for 30 yo boomers" bullshit. all of them off my lawn now.

This is the End is a more biblically sound and realistic depiction of the end times than any of the Left Behind books or movies


Yamcha the desert bandit: "Those fools have NOT heard the last of Yamcha!"

Narrator: "It would seem that our heroes have not heard the last of Yamcha."

flawless. beautiful. an instant classic.

I've never related more with a cartoon character (minor spoilers for a 30 year old anime)

Asmr: lying face down on the floor as a dog circles you and sniffs

The rice purity test but for if you qualify for

Laying on the floor to play with Thea: worth it

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