alright so one time when i was like 11? 12? and i had gotten my first cellphone (my dad bought a new phone so i got his old one)

i got a text from an unknown number saying happy easter (it was about that time), and we had so much fun last year, and signed by “Leffe and the snakes” (although in swedish ofc)

who’s Leffe? does he own the snakes or are they like roommates? what happened last easter? i never found out. but i still think about that sometimes

so yeah please let me know if anyone knows a swedish man named Leif, nickname Leffe, who in the early 2000s either owned snakes or had a snake themed band


@em that is way more interesting than the ones I got! Related, if anyone knows Chris from central NC, i have alot of people waiting to find out if he "is good" and "has reupped yet"

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