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Quand tu es sur le point de découvrir que tu as fait tomber ton kebab.

OPPO Find X Sales Exceeded $15 Million in Just 15 Minutes After the Smartphone Went on Sale

The OPPO Find X did exceptionally well on online and offline sales channel and that too during the first day of its official release

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Facebook Hires a Head of Chip Development From Google

Facebook Inc. has sent another signal that it’s serious about building its own semiconductors, joining Apple Inc., Alphabet Inc.’s Google, and Inc. in trying to make its own custom chips.

Many Android email apps and PayPal are vulnerable to phishing attempts

A new vulnerability leaves many Android email apps unguarded against a PayPal phishing attempt. It uses the Android app selector and fake email addresses.

Facebook et la lutte contre la désinformation, un double discours qui dérange - Tech - Numerama

Au nom de la liberté d'expression, Facebook ne supprime pas les pages qui partagent des articles de théorie du complot et des informations volontaires mensongères.

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👋Rejoignez-nous ! On recrute un.e chargé.e des réseaux sociaux et communautés web en #CDI !
Pour postuler, ça se pa…

Five ways foldable phones could change the game

Smartphones with flexible screens are almost here and they're set to revolutionize the industry. Here, we explain how.

Facebook changes settings after outing members of a medical support group - The Verge

Paul Ryan says his car was eaten by woodchucks — we investigate - The Verge

How to Prepare for 'WannaCry 2.0'

It seems inevitable that a more-powerful follow-up to last year's malware attack will hit sooner or later. You'd better get prepared.

Leaving Apple and Google: /e/ is the symbol for “my data is MY data”

As some of you will have already noticed, the project has moved to a new web location, and the project is now known as the “my data is MY…

Vie privée : vous allez adorer cette nouvelle fonctionnalité de Firefox Focus

Si vous prêtez souvent votre téléphone à quelqu’un, la nouvelle fonctionnalité de Firefox Focus est faite pour vous. Celle-ci verrouille automatiquement le navigateur s’il est mis en arrière-plan et demande une authentification via Face ID ou Touch ID pour déverrouiller.

«On voit le scientifique intervenir en permanence, il donne même des idées de punitions aux gardiens»

Le chercheur Thibault Le Texier a enquêté, a fouillé les archives… et démontre que les conclusions de cette expérimentation si populaire étaient écrites à l’avance.

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Deux personnes mises en examen un an après la disparition d’un gendarme à La Réunion -

Senators Fear Meltdown and Spectre Disclosure Gave China an Edge | WIRED

Chinese mobile phone cameras are not-so-secretly recording users’ activities

This design feature has given Chinese mobile users a tangible sense of exactly when and how they are being monitored.

74 VPNs Tested for IP, DNS & WebRTC Leaks (17 Leaking) |

There are multiple reasons why VPNs leak. But a leaking VPN is useless. You purchase VPN service for one very simple reason: Hide your IP and protect your data while browsing the Internet or using public Wi-Fi. Leaks completely undermine this vital service, exposing your true location and activities right before the prying eyes of …