I love trading and investing. today is a good one, profit over 27% already since last week.

Be a part of the solution to stop soil pollution:
🥤 Avoid single-use plastic
♵ Reduce Reuse Recycle
💚 Choose eco-friendly, gardening, cleaning & personal care products.
🔋Dispose of hazardous waste like batteries responsibly
🥑 Compost food waste
🍽️ Adopt a PLANET-based diet


30,811 diagnosed cases
24,702 suspected
3,863 people are in critical condition

The good news is 1,615 have also recovered so it's spreading far faster than SARS/MERS but far less deadly and curable with modern medicine!

Let's see if my Mastodon to Twitter poster works, I never play with Mastodon API before I hope it does better or I just back using rss to Twitter.

Andmesh - Hanya Rindu (Piano Cover) by JCPatravee - SoundCloud
Listen to Andmesh - Hanya Rindu (Piano Cover) by JCPatravee by Arcestia Production on

I really want to doing a podcast again. Should I record on the go? Doing with any kind of tools to show it can be done with anything, even with only standard phone and headset you can record and produce a podcast from anywhere. Not only podcast but you can show your works if you wanted. coming soon my podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast and SoundCloud.

Thanks for all who interested on Using my Shadowshocks VPN. all email I receive already replied with instruction to used.

Coming soon my Public Socks 5 Proxy, Using Shadowsocks. If anyone wanted access please send email on [email protected] I will send the access. Free of charge.

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