It's a beautiful morning - I thank last night's full moon for haunting my dreams and lifting the Evergreen

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#FOSDEM hat gezeigt, wie man eine Online-Konferenz mit über 33.000 Teilnehmer.innen komplett mit #FreierSoftware (#OpenSource) ausrichten kann.

Vielen Dank an das #FOSDEM und das #Matrix team dafür!

Mozilla Hubs: no login, avatar based, multiplatform, open source and hackable!

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Those dismissive of design research think user research is about asking people what they 'like' which is inaccurate, it's about finding out about human behaviours and the problems the software is trying to address!

Observe how people use your #OSS !


Now that's what I call a great export interface! Look at all those formats, neatly on display in GNU Emacs / Org Mode

Looking forward to discussion of free/libre software stacks continued later this spring at

Single sign on is a key piece making the use of an open source stack (or just elements of it) usable in schools, who have the freedom to choose

All users should be considered contributors and their rights defended - including the "marginalized minority" of young people: make sure your platforms are free, open and accessible by law

Do you just want a user community? The best way to not get any contributions is to make it as hard as possible to get on board.

Epic schedule is epic, but apps like Sojourner make it a lot easier to keep track

Open sourcing with intent, while weighing the trade-offs of maintaining your own project vs. contributing to an existing one

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A gentle reminder to everyone interested in the #FOSDEM : you might want to explore all the #chat rooms available through #matrix adding the server

And don't forget to check the virtual #conference floor at

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Der Kidspace bietet auf der rC3 keinen Kidspace an! Diesmal präsentieren wir: den Parents & Guardians Space, mit Talks, Retro-Games und mehr. Und für die Kinder haben wir uns Spannendes außerhalb der rC3 ausgedacht. Seht selbst und helft noch mit:

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