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We support the crowdfinding campaign of @opensourceseeds to finance a new #OpenSoure rye and look forward to our potatoes as a reward : )

There is still a way to go ... in case you like to help as well?

«They [the citizens of a democracy] have a right to be ignorant. Knowledge only means complicity in guilt; ignorance has a certain dignity.» -- Sir Humphrey Appleby in Yes, Minister,_M

"Relax, Matilde! It's not what you think. Have you ever heard of virtual reality?"
egroj world • Historias De

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"Witness how bad science is at keeping things closed, when competition means keeping hold on your ideas and data." Learn what happened with in the pandemic 🐭 and apply it for an 🌏

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“I am convinced that we can solve so many problems and make a better life for most, when we work together and do not waste time repeating someone else’s work, but rather build upon it." ❤️Learn what our #OpenData community shared with us in our survey:

People are quick to come up with patches for things in a crisis, but then we get back to our day jobs, and no longer take time to maintain our platforms. + growing up as an institution with a close knit conversation in

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5,000,009 accounts
+56 in the last hour
+1,256 in the last day
+9,636 in the last week

Seems that / Document Foundation could use in particular more volunteer help, or just earmarked funding so they can get the docs translated to 🇺🇦

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Installing Лiнукс Мiнт on donated hardware today, tweaked for use in Ukrainian 👩‍💻 thankful to the for keeping the community going 👐

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Quick made with the Revision paintover compo base doodle, which has been decorating my background since Easter

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