I'm interested in . I've started trying to get it working on a 2008 MacBook Pro, but so far, no luck.

I'm curious about Urbit. There's the controversy about the creator, but now he's gone form the project and the people speaking from the blog talk about interesting ideas and focus on issues that I find relevant. Anyone want to weigh in with their opinion?

My family is watching Alone. It's right up my alley.

I've been listening to a podcast series called Seeing White, about the creation and defense of racial whiteness. I've learned a lot. But I'm tired now so I don't have anything to relay.


I didn’t start at the bottom of a career and figure out how to do it from peers and supervisors. I was worried about them inserting personal ideas into the professional lessons. I was stuck on being myself. Now I don’t have any path to retirement.

I’m switching over to a bank that says it’s trying to do good in the world. B Corp.

We’ll see how this goes.

I'm getting a lot out of listening to Daniel Schmachtenberger's ideas. Mostly on podcasts, also in this blog post civilizationemerging.com/solvi

This is great. A non-powered way to automatically water a garden. It also takes into account rain and evaporation rates. I want one. I hope something like this catches on for gardens everywhere.



I’m getting serious about becoming more resilient. Native plants for birds and bees, perennials for food, the ability to hunt and forage. Not self sufficient but I’m trying to push into that direction.

I'm back to Mastodon after a long pause so that I can see if there is a place for it in my life. I've been spending all my e-social time on Scuttlebutt, but this is different enough perhaps I can use both.


My son is especially small for his age. A kid in his class is big for his age and might have autism. The bigger kid is usually fairly friendly but from time to time snaps into a violent action. Like, he was saying goodbye to my son, hugged him, then grabbed my son by his hair and threw his head to the ground. Today my son did a front roll and then the bigger kid jumped on my son and pinned him down with his elbow. We've requested a meeting with the school to determine what we'll change

We are focused on planting perennial edibles and natives.

climate change machinations 

My wife and I have been churning through potential (and actual) changes to be made now so we can be more resilient and good in these changing times. We dug up two big purple drought-resistant bushes hummingbirds love and transplanted them to a different part of the yard. My wife is a strong person but she broke down crying moving these bushes.

I should have hidden the text of that last toot. Still getting used to this

I just had another conversation with my dad about what matters in the world. Big subject. But my dad is a guy who gets really excited about the centralized power of China. He’s sure that Xi Jinping is a great man who is only doing great things. I’m wary of that power.

Does everyone around here know about Scuttlebutt?

Check it out. Peer to peer protocol for messaging. The laptop application is called Patchwork. So far it’s the place I most enjoying writing in public.

I’ve taken it on to be my family’s photo digitizer. I think it’s a net positive and no one else cares enough to do it. I’ve done a lot over the last decade or so. I’m at the point where I’m scanning pictures of things I don’t find interesting. There’s a big grey area that slowly changes from definitely to definitely not.

I want to start writing more here. I love Mastodon and want to contribute, I just don’t usually have thoughts that occur to me to make public.

Any tips?

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