Coolest christmas thing to do in the Netherlands: visit the Church in The Hague that is entering its 9th week of holding uninterrupted 24/7 church services to prevent the police from entering the building and deporting a refugee family.
The church always needs at least one visitor to legally be in service so a time like 5 AM is the very best moment to come show your solidarity.

This is a note to people moving their repositories blindly to do you know Google is actually a huge investor in Gitlab?

The issue is not about Microsoft buying Github. The issue is about centralization and silos.

You do not solve that by moving your data from one silo to another.

You solve that by relying on small providers you can trust, or by becoming a provider yourself.

facebook splitting up the word “sponsored” to sneak past adblockers is not owned and operated by a large corporation! Instead it is run as a passion project by a few people.

Due to the fact that we run completely free of ads, we have to rely on your help to keep the lights on around here.

If you are willing to support us, you can become one of our Patrons or donate through PayPal or Liberapay!

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In 2019 the European Union's #Copyright Directive is getting close to the final straight. Help the to #SaveCodeShare, sign the open letter and talk to us at the booth:


Despite the search engine improvements over the past 15 years, I feel like it's gotten harder to find things rather than easier, at least when it comes to niche things. Brands and (stolen) images are easier to find than ever.

Search seems to focus more on metadata than content, many sites lock their content behind memberships or make it non-static (=harder to index and even to view).

It feels like to find more niche or technical information, you have to know what/where it is to begin with :/

@spacekookie licensing all the content you're uploading there to discord, what could possibly go wrong :'D (the ToS screenshot is older since I tried to bringing up that topic to artists I'm friend with who started using discord after that Tumblr thingy)

Discord is valued at 1.65 _billion_ dollars.

What kind of person can look at that and go "ah, yes, this free chat service is totally not gonna screw us out of private data for profit"?

PS. While we’re at it, let’s entrust all our freedom of speech to Google also.

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Sometimes low-tech is a cooler solution than high-tech.

This sensor device detects if your package was handled roughly during transport: no electronics, just clever engineering.

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