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VLC media player 3.0.7 released, containing mainly fixes for security vulnerabilities discovered due to the EU-FOSSA program.

– over 40 security vulnerabilities were fixed
– detailed report:

#vlc #videolan #mediaplayer #update #infosec #security #cybersecurity

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Looks like Sign In with Apple is going to be mandatory for many apps. That's one way to get adoption.


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Just FYI I have not done any more work for Purism since Todd told me the decision to not moderate Librem Social was final. I've already seen some alt right personalities on there and that's not fine with me.

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2011: "What if we ported our UI to javascript? Then we get CSS theming for free!"

2019: "Our incredibly fragile tools only work with one micromanaged theme nobody likes. Please take systems integration advice from webshit design nerds because branding"

- via @[email protected]

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Qualys SSL Labs adds 4 new tests for vulnerabilities, and considers cipher suites using CBC "weak":

– as an admin, you should disable all CBC cipher suites for several reasons (use GCM for block ciphers)
– SSL Labs tests for POODLE, GOLDENDOODLE, 0-Length OpenSSL, and Sleeping POODLE now
– servers affected by the vulnerabilities are downgraded to F

#ssllabs #infosec #security #serversecurity #qualys

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It's disturbing when a large and experienced open source steward like #ASF (Apache Software Foundation) decides it can't sustain community-hosting and needs to create new dependencies on #DataFarms. This is exactly the opposite of what ought to be happening, especially since GH was acquired by Microsoft.

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Linux on the desktop 

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Apple: we believe privacy is a human right.

Also Apple: here’s your trust score.


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Some doubters think our VPN is run by some dude in a dolphin onesie. Rest assured, there’s a whole team of us. (Turn 🔉 ON)

@KitsuneAlicia *busts down door, holds up dollar bills* Yes please.

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*waits hours for an appointment, with only paid parking nearby* Hmm… :blobfacepalm:

@fun The idea of America, or the physical country? :blob_neutral_face:

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“It’s almost like we woke up and suddenly the Internet was owned and operated by private capital under a kind of regime, a new economic logic that really was not well understood.”

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