Google's way of downplaying an open calendar file standard, in order to give their own proprietary, non-interoperable calendar SaaS an edge: call it "Apple calendar":

Automatic Certificate Management Environment (ACME) is officially RFC 8555 now:

"This document describes a protocol that a CA and an applicant can use to automate the process of verification and certificate issuance. The protocol also provides facilities for other certificate management functions, such as certificate revocation."

#acme #certificate #ca #letsencrypt #infosec #cybersecurity #security #https #rfc8555

Honestly the fact that Icann considers the US the center of the internet is kinda BS

Google, Thunderbird Show more is shutting down:

I'm not here to bash Google, I'm here to say:

Consider whether you actually need a URL shortener. Using them in any kind of long-lived document (or even a toot if you leave yours up) makes them more fragile.

There might be a need for them in some contexts where input is confined, or if you expect someone to have to type in the link manually, but overall they're best avoided if you don't specifically need them. Not only are they fragile, but they remove whatever information about where a link might lead that the URL would provide.

If a link is TOO long, consider cutting off all the UTM metadata or other tracking information that doesn't serve to locate the content.

In the last few months:
- Tumblr purged adult content (and a bunch of stuff it misindentified).
- Flickr purged free storage above a limit of 1000 photos/account.
- Myspace deleted 12 years' worth of music.

And Google+ only has two weeks left before Google pulls its plug.

Back up your accounts!

And if you can, consider donating to the Internet Archive.

@admin *Sends all the coffee/tea/preferred liquid*

Monsters in the Middleboxes: Introducing Two New Tools for Detecting HTTPS Interception

#Better is a privacy tool for the Safari browser on iPhone, iPad and Mac which protects you from being tracked.

You can find out more at the official site:

You can follow them on the Fediverse at:


#Safari #Privacy #MacOS #iOS

Apple is a hypocrite on data privacy – The Atlantic

“There’s nothing requiring Apple to distribute apps from data-hungry companies such as Google and Facebook at all.”

put together a little watercolor piece of mario and cappy for #mar10day ! #mastoart

If you haven't already seen it enjoy this footage of police in Bulgaria trying to use pepper spray and the wind blowing it back in their faces

Go set a reminder right now to take time for self care.

"W3C approves #WebAuthn as the web standard for password-free logins"

NEW: An $8.8 billion network of offshore companies allowed corrupt politicians and criminals to secretly launder money, evade taxes, and hide assets abroad.

Along with our reporting partners, OCCRP brings you the #TroikaLaundromat, based on one of the largest-ever leaks of banking records and related documents.

Discarded smart lightbulbs reveal your wifi passwords, stored in the clear

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