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Swapnil Bhartiya @Swapnil@mstdn.io

With , Subsystem for Linux, you can literally run multiple distributions in Windows. You can run openSUSE, Ubuntu…and what not. Some people are saying it’s a threat to desktop Linux. Is it? Let’s discuss. patreon.com/posts/16934131 mstdn.io/media/BAwDDKCw-709Jml

I interviewed Kubernetes Co Founder Brendan Burns. He says orchestration is Becoming a Commodity youtu.be/47MJxt7DCy8 via @Docker @thenewstack @Microsoft

In call with Docker. Some good stories coming on Monday.

How many of you are into 3D printing here?

And that's my 3D printing center. I will be getting one more printer. I have pre-ordered it and it should arrive by December.

Watch out Night King, I am 3D printing my own army of the dead. And this army is being printed on fully open source 3D printer controlled by open hardware and Linux/Open Source Software.

Matthias Eckermann of SUSE revealing the SLE15 roadmap to me on dinner table. That's how I get 'real' scoops ;) Love Matthias and SUSE.

A mandatory selfie with CEO, Nils Brauckmann. Trivia: he is a very good drummer. Hope to see his stage debut at future SUSECON.

Kubernetes meets BOSH: Kubo becomes Cloud Foundry Container Runtime - goo.gl/tC16Tx via @benefit_io

Follow me for no-nonsense, well researched journalism.No bogus, made-up controversies. I write about how open source is improving our world.

Returning to mastdon, after a long break.

*Hands on review of Dell Precision 5720 All In One*
This system came with Ubuntu 16.10 pre-installed, but you can also get RHEL subscription with it. You may wonder what’s RHEL or Linux doing on a multimedia system? It might be news to you, but Linux dominates the silver screen. Movie studios have moved from SGI to Linux systems and often go with RHEL.

Should you spend $3555 on a hardware that blends desktop and monitor in the same unit? Is it upgradeable? Can you repair it by replacing parts yourself? What can you do on this machine? You will find answers in this review.
youtube.com/watch?v=ThyDRboaCI mstdn.io/media/VOdARTQcB70sKi5

3D printing parts to convert Traxxas Stampede into my son's Zombie Monster Truck. mstdn.io/media/8cN85SfPT-MHc6y