"#Jerusalem was an #Arab city for over a thousand years. In 1948, #Palestinians in Jerusalem were subjected to a total and complete ethnic #cleansing, and not a single Palestinian was allowed to remain in the city. Jerusalem then became the capital city of the state of #Israel and the street names, which used to catalog the long and magnificent Arab history of the city, were changed."

"That was precisely what the #scam of the Two State Solution was set to do. To allow liberal #Zionists to support the crimes of Zionism and the creation of a #racist state in #Palestine while still feeling good about themselves."

"The idea that the Two #State Solution would give #Palestinians “a country of their own,” is puzzling. Palestinians have a country of their own, it is Palestine. According to historian Nur Masalha, it has been Palestine for thousands of years before the establishment of the #Zionist state on May 15, 1948."


"Without structural, systemic, deeply ingrained #racism, #Israel would not exist. Furthermore, without this white supremacist attitude, no Israeli #pilot would be able to push the button that releases the #bombs which then burn and rip #Palestinian children in Gaza to shreds. No #sniper would be able to pull the trigger and kill and maim Palestinians. It is an essential part of #Zionist education."


@tuttifruttihat Associar este câncer MUNDIAL com uma frase de própria autoria (supremacia branca) é realmente uma ofensa sem tamanho e, para ser sincero, incomentável.

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