I wrote an article for the Mozilla Hacks blog that's a brief technical introduction to ActivityPub. I also provide an intro to my simple #ActivityPub Node.js server.


@darius nice, u know why the working group close? I feel, there is so much more to do.

@Transflux I don't know, perhaps because the point was to publish the spec. There is a community group in its place.

@darius oh I didn't find that, just a silent Google group... quite ironic actually


@darius this chat is quasi private, no?

@Transflux no this is a public conversation since our statuses are set to public

@darius ups... :) anyway I thought it has great potential but the development seemed to slow down, so its great to see that you are taking it on

@darius totally dig ur stuff since years btw. I'm totally into weird chat androids too

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