@bengrosser with fb, soundcloud, twitter ... and so on demetricatated, wouldn't be possible to make a web demetricatator plugin? if the schema is always the same, basically just css, no? so one plugin could demetricate the whole web, if the plugin have stylechanges from a from a repository, which can could be extended by anyone (per pull-requests)

@Transflux sorry, just seeing this. unfortunately, for many sites, it's not even close to just CSS. you can catch some that way, but more often than not, it requires MutationObservers to watch for dynamic insertion of material and then a variety of strategies to hide the metric (eg, sometimes I dupe the element (so you preserve the React states for the original to enable toggling), use regex to locate and hide the metric on the dupe, and then insert the dupe into the DOM and hide the orig). ...

@Transflux it is true that HTML and CSS changes could be handled w/ pull requests, though it's gotten fairly ridiculous w/ React-generated structure and classnames (e.g. no human-readable anything anywhere). i do intend to rewrite FB Demetricator this summer with an eye toward trying to standardize my methods / apply all I've learned ... i'll keep this in mind as I write, look for opportunities to abstract things

@bengrosser ah. I see. Damn modern web-frameworks. Indeed it became more and more annoying to look under the hood of websites.
Tho these days I can't think of going back to a jquery mess anymore.

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