by the way if you run pleroma develop branch, you should upgrade, i reduced postgresql load by 80% (i have some other ideas on how to optimize with prefetching, too)

@Transflux prefetching and carefully leveraged joins!

@kaniini thanks, interesting. I'll consider that as move on. Optimize before its too late :blobpopcorn:

@Transflux basically, most of the Pleroma SQL query load is from calling Object.normalize() to fetch the source of truth object associated with an activity. by prefetching the objects using a join and fake ecto relation, we can opportunistically turn many of those Object.normalize() calls into effective no-ops from SQL perspective.

@kaniini I'm using python/sqlAlchemy so things will look different and more abstracted here. Just thought it's a more general tweak. Using a slave... (is it called like that?!- when u dump the queries to remote db). I'm dabbling around so no clue where and what to optimize yet

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