>Re: [tootsuite/mastodon] Accept richer text from remote statuses (#10629)

The Mastodon curse.
I wonder if he just doesn't want to implement something first implemented by another AP implementation for compatibilitys sake. You know like how he's made all other AP apps do for years now
@dielan @lanodan

the ecosystem innovates and implementations have to keep up with what others are doing. instead of being resentful that Gargron pushed some innovations through the ecosystem (although in ways i don't personally agree with in some cases), we should simply be disappointed that Gargron is unwilling to honour the same social contract when it involves things he did not originate.

@kaniini @lanodan @dielan from his perspective there is no social contract. There is mastodon and other apps that attach to mastodon and it's users. Get the critical mass and form a counsel of implementors then u can make him listen or eat dirt or maybe even leave him behind...

@Transflux @dielan @kaniini
>counsel of implementors
We almost have that with litepub community, there is also socialhub but it was a bit in a weird organisational mess when a apolitical org wanted to host them, no idea how well it ended (I'm bad at forums)
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