Aliens Doing Forensic Analysis On The Program Code Found In Some Interstellar Spacecraft, Trying To Reverse Engineer What Kind Of Culture Would Make Such A Thing

Like Malware Analysis But The Source Code, Language, Author, Target, And Point Of Origin Are All Completely Unavailable

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I'm Very Curious About How Aliens Would Structure Their Computers. Would They Be Completely Different? Are We Stuck In A Local Optimum In Terms Of Hardware And Software Design?

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@SuricrasiaOnline considering the idea of "structure of scientific revolution" paradigms and so on, science is basically always stuck in a local maximum until the time is ripe. I would say, same for any type of architecture/engineering. Interestingly eventually there is a phase where we discover that imitating nature is the best to do (locally on earth). Comparing brains to computers, computers are quite lame and energy inefficient.

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