The glaciers of #Iceland seemed eternal. Now a country mourns their loss

A plaque will mark the spot where the country’s first #glacier was lost to the #ClimateCrisis, says Icelandic author Andri Snær Magnason.

@darius @liaizon right. Technically it seems just useless to distribute a board. But really having boards federated would be cool and is kind of missing. intersecting with a anon board is interesting as it might allow to step into or out of anonymity if desired.

a mastodon instance for people who like to confess

@tuxom naja. Nur ab und zu was dort gelesen. Alles immer son bisschen yellow press, intern style...
Sorry nix gegen ambitionierte Journalisten :ablobgrimace:

@yang are they safe against natural disasters of scale we haven't seen yet?
Btw. Stop putting mastodon/gab users together. Gab is widely considered the corner for racists, homophobics,... in the "fediverse" to hang out.

@deutrino that practise is called demetrification. Ben grosser made browser plugins for fb and twitter. I once made one for soundcloud. Really enjoyable

@Juju that's part of "follow the leaders" by Isaac, but still a good meme like that

@wgahnagl the acidification cleanses a lot of diversity. The fires of mild Europe. But it's true all all trees are beautiful. Fires are only considered by us as dangerous, they lead a fast turn in the cycles nature is doing. I'm not a biologist actually, but just the day before a biologist colleague ranted about pines

@wgahnagl they are also quite invasive, store just a minimum amount of co2 and pines explode like granades in case of fire spreading wildfires very quick.

@Pixley Mr Horniman was a collector of many things, and back in the day I believe he paid for a dead walrus to be shipped in to London for his huge collection. However no one had ever seen a walrus before, so they assumed that it should be stuffed so it didn't have an loose skin.

It's still on display to this day.

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