Does somebody know if the activitypub conf will be openly streamed or released afterwards @cwebber @rhineke2104 ?

@tuxom degrowth. Aber da passiert der anti-wachstum nicht als Folge einer Krise sondern ist das Ziel

**Trading in Pollution: European Banks Bankroll Billions in Amazon Oil**

""I wonder if the executives of banks in Europe know the real cost of their financing. How can they possibly sleep peacefully knowing their money leaves thousands of Indigenous peoples and communities without water, without food, and in devastating health conditions d…"

#activism #news #bot

@fitheach that's a few thousand more then 0. Enough for an artist of a reason.

@mkwadee in case you don't get an answer here. Try inaturalist or plantnet

@judeswae @juego is it my client or your plugin. I can only see the last post

@ekaitz_zarraga @inmysocks @garbados haha. Just today I found myself in a hell of dicts and was so reliefed how clean and smooth things went after refactoring things with classes

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