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@hj @kaniini what stupid shit did he say this time. He's is great. But he is shit sometimes, no?

@dansup spritely. Advancing AP in a esoteric functional language with as little documentation as possible! :ablobspin: way to go

@dansup what's a/the microUI. Seeing pf for the first time used desktop. Now I know, it's not made mobile first , right?

@clacke cables are very expensive :). But sure guifinet and others give us hope

@clacke well things changed." No power over us" was an illusion , in case u don't build ur own backbone. just My take

@clacke yeah I know him. Just didn't think of him in the first place

@cj 1. Time zone depended if anything useful requires being virtually present. Make it not 2. Location dependent

@TheGibson yes they do. It's called the backbone. But doesn't matter. U are adressing none who really consider much what to do. those who do are not elected

@cwebber yeah why not docs first implementation 2.?
Also if they are so small they should be easy to implement in different languages? I think a lot, like a lot of people don't have the mindset of functional programing only. That's why having js or python (plz!! Python 😊) or any other c style implementation as well would help many people.

PSA - Brave "privacy" browser is malware 

@tessaracht saw it a few weeks ago and your request made me find this.

Now we can all close Firefox and happily go to rest. ☺

PSA - Brave "privacy" browser is malware 

@tessaracht u said duck duck go somewhere. Aren't they spying now too?

PSA - Brave "privacy" browser is malware 

@freakazoid @tessaracht he's quite a duche with a big ego I heard


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Dirty deal between France and Germany prevails, for now: Council ready to continue negotiations on the worst version of #Article13 yet, next stop negotiations with Parliament. Call your MEPs now! #SaveYourInternet #uploadfilters


@juliareda if the EU Parlament is gonna push this true, fediverse fun is gonna be over

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