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@kaniini I'm using python/sqlAlchemy so things will look different and more abstracted here. Just thought it's a more general tweak. Using a slave... (is it called like that?!- when u dump the queries to remote db). I'm dabbling around so no clue where and what to optimize yet

@kaniini thanks, interesting. I'll consider that as move on. Optimize before its too late :blobpopcorn:

Would anyone follow a bot that posts the endings if films? I like the name spoilerbot and maybe I take some non exiting free time to make it

@dansup @matt there are peepz on hn who like to post and repost stuff on multiple occasions... for some reason. Getting the hn jackpot or something I guess.

@bob the City of Barcelona wanted to connect all governmental buildings to guifi. Telefónica obviously didn't like that and and threatened moving an office with several thousand employees.

@dansup I agree on th e common format idea tho. Still smaller media means more accessibility for clients with bad connection

@dansup I would (will) use videos for their compression. Did u ever consider the environmental impact of mbs stored and pushed around?

@kaniini oh yeah, I haven't tried that one yet, but the wp-plugin named "activitypub". didn't get it working cuz the blog is on a shared server. no discovery from mstdn cuz of well-known stuff. my providers and pluginmaker couldnt agree what and where to fix, and my web knldge there was like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I think that would be a crucial thing to work, since most wps are on cheap webservers

@kaniini more and more wp-plugins. there is always a wp-plugin more to install, for the next fix

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