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Just to emphasise, the battle isn't over about #Article13:

"But there’s also opportunities for the courts to rein in the Directive – or even throw out its worst articles entirely. ... Article 13 is meant to be compatible with the older E-Commerce Directive, which explicitly forbids any requirement to proactively monitor for IP enforcement (a provision that was upheld and strengthened by the ECJ in 2011)."

This could take many years to happen with many possible twists.

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@kaniini I'm using python/sqlAlchemy so things will look different and more abstracted here. Just thought it's a more general tweak. Using a slave... (is it called like that?!- when u dump the queries to remote db). I'm dabbling around so no clue where and what to optimize yet

@kaniini thanks, interesting. I'll consider that as move on. Optimize before its too late :blobpopcorn:

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Would anyone follow a bot that posts the endings if films? I like the name spoilerbot and maybe I take some non exiting free time to make it
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@dansup @matt there are peepz on hn who like to post and repost stuff on multiple occasions... for some reason. Getting the hn jackpot or something I guess.

@jaywink can't wait to finally federate with python ! :blobcheer:

@bob the City of Barcelona wanted to connect all governmental buildings to guifi. Telefónica obviously didn't like that and and threatened moving an office with several thousand employees.

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@dansup I agree on th e common format idea tho. Still smaller media means more accessibility for clients with bad connection

@dansup I would (will) use videos for their compression. Did u ever consider the environmental impact of mbs stored and pushed around?

@kaniini oh yeah, I haven't tried that one yet, but the wp-plugin named "activitypub". didn't get it working cuz the blog is on a shared server. no discovery from mstdn cuz of well-known stuff. my providers and pluginmaker couldnt agree what and where to fix, and my web knldge there was like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I think that would be a crucial thing to work, since most wps are on cheap webservers

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