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@ConnyDuck neither of those. Its quite nice for many thinga. it doesn't support polls tho. And I wish it would at least get a little bit of the style of individual instances. But I guess that's hard

@a_breakin_glass @michelamarie @dansup totally. I have to admit, I was the first in our university cs program with BSc. / MSc. In germany. the structure was all over place. Semesters full time classes, breaks full time learning for exams.Only at the end of my master there were some things fixed in this regards for next generations. Good thing studying was cheap. Just for the debts u make (at least in the u.s. ... that's just crazy) .
How's Canada?

@michelamarie @dansup I agree on everything :), and of course the facts... are facts. Ethics should be mandatory for all sciences. Now with ml, it becomes more apparent. Philosophy of science... but 5 years for orientation.... :abloblamp:

@dansup @michelamarie 5 years of CS taught me a lot of cool stuff. But about 0 practical things for Web development. Sure foundations and so on... but also relatively little focus. If you know what u want, time can be spent much better

Frau Schulze hat hier freundlicherweise schon mal etwas vorbereitet...

Wer der Meinung ist, dass wir so etwas eventuell vielleicht möglicherweise brauchen könnten, kann hier an einer #Petition teilnehmen:

Petition 92294 Klimaschutz - Verabschiedung eines verbindlichen, sektorübergreifenden Klimaschutzgesetzes vom 17.03.2019

#Klimakrise #Umwelt #Politik #Energiewende
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Reversed ethics. My response to your ethical concerns and doubts, is to just go crazier 

I'm in the :amiga: :loading: Mekka of apes and with producing more and wilder mutations it seems just a matter of time something very detrimental breaks out.
Rest of the world can we stop importing apes from China? :oh_no: :orang: :csgo:

@michelamarie the research is fascinating -and I also want to run flask on a pi powered by the sun hitting my balcony

@michelamarie anyway and so there are some c++ compiler configs which a smart and can skip files, no?
So probably during development using scripts use less power.

I was wondering about cython :). And the energy of ai. Training a neural network and recognizing faces.... Just to slash surveillance with its wastefulness.

Practicaly they can't say anything cuz every practical case is different. The more complex or repeated a program runs the more significant the difference will be.

num 2. Is a really good point, also depends on the usage. It has been a while since I compiled 😁. But I was doing a lot of art stuff with processing (worst name for a programing language...tho it's actually just java) a lot, a lot of compilations for details like a color or something.

@funkwhale it's already a while ago, several months. I tried out funkwhale on a server that was intended for a specific audience so they actually asked me to leave.
Anyway i uploaded one of my songs. However, there was no place for my collections/uploads and also the search would either not find the song or it's page wouldn't indicate that it's mine.My 1st and only experience with the platform. I'm happy to give it another sometime tho. I need a place for my records

@funkwhale @eliotberriot I could find the songs uploaded by myself before so it can't get worse :blobcheer: has ads on Spotify (in spain) offering all crucial info for uk citizen living in Spain, on how to deal with it after brexit...

@[email protected] @transflux @[email protected] you gotta cover yourself very well... im just testing , instances, communities, perspectives,

@inditoot @PixelfedLabs if you provide your service in Europe u gotta comply. You're already blending out the gdpr agreement ? popups :blob_gnikniht: or even seen something like :"sorry, this service is not available in your country"

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