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R.I.P. Grumpy Cat.

"Some days are grumpier than others," Tabatha Bundesen wrote in announcing Grumpy Cat's death. The cat became a darling of anyone who needed reminding that somewhere out there, there was a cat who looked as grumpy as they felt.

@juh und hasst du ihnen damals geglaubt oder war es dir egal? Du gehörst schon noch zu der Generation an die nicht so laut sein rum pöbeln sollte, wer was alles falsch gemacht. No hard feelings. Übernimm lieber vielleicht mal lieber ein bisschen Verantwortung für deine letzten 30 Jahre

@SuricrasiaOnline considering the idea of "structure of scientific revolution" paradigms and so on, science is basically always stuck in a local maximum until the time is ripe. I would say, same for any type of architecture/engineering. Interestingly eventually there is a phase where we discover that imitating nature is the best to do (locally on earth). Comparing brains to computers, computers are quite lame and energy inefficient.

@kaniini @lanodan @dielan from his perspective there is no social contract. There is mastodon and other apps that attach to mastodon and it's users. Get the critical mass and form a counsel of implementors then u can make him listen or eat dirt or maybe even leave him behind...

@noelle one of the methods that the world Bank uses in order to tell us poverty is decreasing in the last decades

@kaniini @[email protected] @orekix @ffs @sean pleroma XP . The ultimate breaking

It's never to early for marketing.
Sell early. Break more later

@ajroach42 thats weirdly formulated or I would say thats not true. tech problems need tech solutions. or make an example.

"Challenges for Citizen Science and the EU Open Science Agenda under the GDPR"

@benjancewicz doesn't make them more legit. Arbitrary lines drawn by Europeans

**Brazil: Indigenous People Rally in Capital to Protest Against Bolsonaro Onslaught**

"Thousands of indigenous people have descended on Brazil's capital Brasília to protest against a widespread assault on indigenous rights and territories by the government of the far-right president, Jair Bolsonaro."

#activism #news #bot

@sean most research stuff looks like ass. Even many where ui is a fundamental part.

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