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THIS IS NOW HAPPENING IN HONG KONG Biggest protest even taken place under China’s rule. If this bill passed, I could be the next. Please spread the word. We need world’s attention. I trust you, my friends.

@bengrosser ah. I see. Damn modern web-frameworks. Indeed it became more and more annoying to look under the hood of websites.
Tho these days I can't think of going back to a jquery mess anymore.

@uint8_t companies offering co2 compensation is unfortunately mostly greenwashing.
The price for compensation is not easy or fixed it's the question of simply throwing a treeseed somewhere or making sure that it will really grow properly.

Some governments think about a co2 tax but conservatives rather think of the "damage" of the economy now. Shortsighted and corrupt.

@thubish it's art... there might be reasons for some questions for others u might hear : " I found it cool " or "why not", which means death in art circles tho

@kaniini @dansup an option to hide polls of some people but keep them when they contain some keywords but not if they are in a response

@dansup ups. It depends on the client. Firefox has it turned wrong , tusky has it right

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Paper: A collaborative approach to bring insights from local observations of climate change impacts into global climate change research 

@emacsen @librelounge I just looked into it once a bit... I met your partner once. Tho he was generally nice he showed typical personality traits that make the Americans look weird. I know that problem. I have American friends, loves and appreciate a lot of stuff coming from there.

I know that's not a solution but I think it's a step that will bring new perspectives

@zge @emacsen your opinion is not surprising. U didn't ask for my reasons. Talking about self-pleasuring....

@zge @emacsen I disagree. Every large starts with the personal choice is someone. While I'm sure my change is not gonna cause big. I'll like to go for alternatives of culture that are outside of the mainstream. Not that I'm into mainstream a lot, but I mean going back to dig for culture instead let it get served. If it's work I'll certainly influence friends. That's already enough for me. And I don't think it's gonna be hard.

@zge @emacsen nothing ever stays the same. I'm generally not bothered by inconvenience in technologies. I usually just turn away and adapt my expectations

@emacsen I'm still trying to figure out how to effectively express my hate for America. Not sure if unfollowing is the solution. I'm considering a complete (personal) embargo on American culture and services

@clacke @ajroach42 that's something else tho then. Technical problems have social solutions

@clacke @ajroach42 sure. But that is true for anything. But then it sounds like, if you have a nice, happy community, they will solve any tech problem...

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