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@charlag I just started to manage 5 accounts with tusky. If it gets more, will it slide? !

Mastodon is crumbling and I blame Mastodon

dokieli is 🎷 keeping on reading it. I really need to get in touch with

is there any ActivityPub application, that tries out just S2C and a rich UX?

thats a weird thing to say in the headline:

is decentralized, so there is no central place to “signup”. Instead, you can register an identity and get a POD on a Solid server, ...

whats the difference between "signup" and register here?

@lain hey I read this article recently that u wrote,. about a year ago. "pleroma for newcomers". you mentioned a technical detail about AP and postgres. Can I ask you a q about it, or can u point me to a channel where I can talk with pledevs about it? greetings, transf

@jdormit hey, is the wp plugin already usable? I tried the ActivityPub plugin, but it doesn't get the webfinger right, cuz the blog is on a shared server

a mastodon instance for selfishly tooting about bedrooms

a mastodon instance for people who like to jam

Apparently my birthday cake has 'female presenting nipple' and is considered 'adult material' by Tumblr.

@bengrosser with fb, soundcloud, twitter ... and so on demetricatated, wouldn't be possible to make a web demetricatator plugin? if the schema is always the same, basically just css, no? so one plugin could demetricate the whole web, if the plugin have stylechanges from a from a repository, which can could be extended by anyone (per pull-requests)

a browser plugin that finds this kindof stuff, removes it and replaces it with ur :blobheart: fedi frontend

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