Show more has ads on Spotify (in spain) offering all crucial info for uk citizen living in Spain, on how to deal with it after brexit...

Would anyone follow a bot that posts the endings if films? I like the name spoilerbot and maybe I take some non exiting free time to make it


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Dirty deal between France and Germany prevails, for now: Council ready to continue negotiations on the worst version of #Article13 yet, next stop negotiations with Parliament. Call your MEPs now! #SaveYourInternet #uploadfilters


Anyone in the vastness of the fediverse at bcn going to bru ?

MacGyver statt Cyber! Wir haben gerade den Schalter umgelegt und unser neues Rundenthema veröffentlicht: Ab sofort und noch bis zum 31. März könnt ihr uns eure Open Source-Software-Ideen zum Thema *"Commit-System erneuern"* schicken: #prototypeworks

Nice, my ububtu is broeken. nginx, & mysql services fail. #???

@charlag hey, do you have some examples of: filter out by regular expressions? Sounds interesting

That: true, the only lamer instance then is @twitter. me:

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