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A reminder how diverse #Fediverse is in terms of programming languages:

- #Ruby: diaspora, Mastodon, Libertree
- #PHP: GNU Social, Friendica, Hubzilla, postActiv
- #Python: Socialhome
- #Go: gangGo
- #Elixir: Pleroma
- #Rust: Fedibook
- #Nodejs:

🐧 So many opportunities to contribute


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Aaand, we have a 12th gem in Fediverse world 🐣
It is 12th on my list of known federated networks, at least.

Fedibook: by @banjofox

"A macroblogging free, open-source social network server, designed from the ground-up with privacy, security, and freedom in mind. The back-end is built on Rust."

I love everything in that description.


p/s Please, folks, stop there for a while. I wish the 13th Fediverse compatible network to be my own ;p

You are a in , but you'd like to contribute? No idea how to do it correctly or how to use with it?
No more fear! This repo takes you by the hand to make your first pull request and gets you started. Jump in and learn it in a few minutes!

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I sexually identify as a GNU+Linux distribution.  My pronouns are GPL/GPLer/GPLself.  I am attracted to free software and like walks down excessively long PERL scripts.

Aaaand star'd! Very nice approach, mate!
I currently use EasyEngine on one server, which is very easy for multiple Wordpress installations using NGINX. But for anything else it just sucks dick.
Your installer looks nice and comfortable

🇩🇪 mobilcom at its best
Ruf beim Support an, wann mein Vertrag kündbar ist, bla bla.
Hat mich die Beraterin gefragt, wieso ich mich so entscheide:
"Weil ich genervt bin, dass ich zu ihren Angeboten ein klares Nein sage und dann trotzdem dreimal prüfen muss, ob ich nun ein Zusatzangebot kündigen muss bei jeder Scheißrechnung."
"Das ist verständlich, ich notiere das, um unseren Service zu verbessern. Darf ich als Dankeschön für ihr Feedback zwei kostenlose Pakete für einen Monat anbieten?"

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A wonderful explanation of and the ! If you can't understand now, I can't help you.

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slack: welcome to worktown. how would you like to generate shareholder value today?

discord: hello gamez0r! are you ready to pwn some n00bs? the cake is a lie lol

me: I just. I just wanna talk to some people. About things.

@angristan shit mate, can you feel that wonderful changelog? who the f needs the birdsite

any plans on when to update? or is a pre-release too hot?

that awkward feeling of success and failure, when you get an A+ on SSLlabs, but a C on Mozilla's observatory 😕

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#Linux brings me so much joy. Open source shit is mankind at its greatest.

@ppin I don't know you, but you have a name that reminds me of and you are a . Call me a friend!

"Like Jesus, the floppy disk died to become our icon of saving."

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A collection of things I made for people new to #Mastodon, based on questions I commonly see in the public timelines during influxes of new folks. :)

What the heck with these privacy settings?

Local vs. federated timelines?

A two-way Mastodon-Twitter crossposter? @crossposter

How to interact with a toot that you somehow find outside of the Mastodon web UI:

#FAQ #FAQs #mastopedia #mastoclass #tootorial #meta

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Hi, wanna help with some #joinmastoson Propaganda?

Someone on twitter wrote a PSA about changing their twitter adress to germany, to have stronger hate-speech rules aplied...

The tweet got over 4700 rt and is now pinned on their profil.
I've made a post about how better to join #mastodon. If some of you who still have a twitter handle comment rt or fav it, it will rank higher in the thread and many will read it.

A on the with ? That's it people, I now have everything I ever dreamt of! :googlecatheart:

PS: If someone wants an invite link, PN me your email. I don't know if it profits either you or me, but… if there is some, I'd share it with you

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