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🗣 " Mobicoop garantit qu’elle ne prendra jamais de commission sur les trajets. L’argent des utilisateurs ne finit pas dans la poche des actionnaires ou de fonds d’investissements "

#covoiturage #biencommun

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This approach to Helsinki is a bit of a tight squeeze.

Is there any to or ?

I sell a Steam copy of Half-Life 2, if anyone is interested.

5 euros in crypto.

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Vous pourriez objecter : “mais ils retranscrivent des phrases anodines que n’importe qui aurait pu prononcer. Impossible de m’identifier”. Sauf que non : pour vérifier que Siri a bien répondu à vos requêtes, Apple donne à ses microtravailleurs accès à tous vos fichiers perso…

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Hard at work implementing categories in my #mac client app for the #nextcloud notes app!

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Looking for an #Android Dev who could help establishing a "foss build flavor" removing Crashlytics from an app at - anyone out there to help? If it's not you, please boost. Thanks!

I'm selling a laptop with Linux already installed (Debian 9.0).

It's a X205TA, perfect for taking notes and traveling.

Shipping all over the EU.

130 Euros - Crypto-currencies accepted

If you have any questions feel free to DM me.

Because you download every simulators with their SDKs for a bunch of versions...

Hey @[email protected] do you know any alternative to Malt, Fiverr etc... ?

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