That browser dialog that pops up warning about an unresponsive script? It should pop up after any script on a page uses more than 20% cpu for more than 2 seconds. (Along with naming and shaming the script authors.)

RIGHT!!! Riot has turned on End-to-End Encryption by default for all private conversations, and Cross-Signing device verification has landed and is live (and 🤞 performant!) 🎉🎉🎉 Huge amounts of work went into this: has the overview.

elementary: “We do not have a dark mode. 3rd-party ‘tweak’ apps are using a terrible hack that could break at any time.”

> Start under-the-hood work on a real dark style preference, unintentionally breaking the hack.


🔄 Time to update: A new version of Tor Browser is out now.

Tor Browser 9.0.10 updates Firefox to 68.8.0esr, NoScript to 11.0.25, and OpenSSL to 1.1.1g. This release also features important security updates to Firefox.

RT @[email protected]

ATTENTION TESTERS! We're in the final phase of E2EE-by-default in Riot 1.6 & just cut our 2nd release candidate! Please help test cross-signing @ + RiotX and test E2EE search in Desktop Nightly Thanks!⏲💣🎉


We're having problems on's loadbalancers - service will be restored asap. (Meanwhile, please consider running your own homeserver!)

@jomo IM TRYING SO HARD to find any difference. Balaclava is a ski mask and baklava is a food from what I see

@jomo just get a edible edition from your local adult store. They have everything else edible

Clark cares not for how you think he ought to chill.

(☁️🐶💜, ec)

Neat. I rediscovered Libreapay and they utilize Stripe!

@karen big question is what kind. A portable controversy maker brand that is awesome is Glock

Working from home is such an interesting experience. Especially when my dogs bark in my small living room in the middle of a meeting

I never knew there’s so much technology built for managing other people’s machines. Pretty neat tbh

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