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Incredibox is great to mess around with, the demo gives you half of the versions to try out (obviously the first four), but you can listen to stuff people have made on any version. There is one problem however... why do I have to pay to get the other four???

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Just Shapes and Beats is pretty underrated. Sure the name may not sound too exciting, but for it's simplistic gameplay, it is extremely well done and has quite the difficulty in it. The story line is simple to follow along with, and each boss level is unique in their own ways. Not just the boss levels, but every level (as well as the bonus tracks) have their own sense of difficulty. And the music is just so BADASS! To those who have played this masterpiece, I salute you... Blixer has fallen.....


it's barley morning and i'm horny af~

Texas pol 

not sure how to feel abt the mask mandate in my state being lifted... imma keep my mask on, i've gotten used to it now


i woke up kinda horny for some reason.... i caught myself grinding my pillow when i woke up...

yeet, is morning once again, but it's also wednesday

will blu-ray or dvd perish first?

Fucking great news.

Applause for texan rulers please.

Texas Governor says statewide mask mandate ends March 10th & all businesses can reopen at 100% capacity

dammit, i hate when i'm abt to sneeze then it just doesn't...

I swear if I see one more amogus meme, Among Us is a game best played with friends, I don't have any of those, please stop I don't want to hear about amogus anymore

glad to know there's more oc makers in my school, had a decent conversation w/them

I'm pretty sure having sex is required before becoming a mom.

i stomach finna growl if i don't eat, like it's gonna be a dog in here

bruh, lewd-ish 

animal planet: "the giant horse cock weighs over 11 pounds."
me: *barely awake* the fucking WHAT!?

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