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i'll stop asking pol and computer questions from now on, i just panic when i ask these and feel the urge to stand my ground and be defensive, just saying this for future reference

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Incredibox is great to mess around with, the demo gives you half of the versions to try out (obviously the first four), but you can listen to stuff people have made on any version. There is one problem however... why do I have to pay to get the other four???

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Just Shapes and Beats is pretty underrated. Sure the name may not sound too exciting, but for it's simplistic gameplay, it is extremely well done and has quite the difficulty in it. The story line is simple to follow along with, and each boss level is unique in their own ways. Not just the boss levels, but every level (as well as the bonus tracks) have their own sense of difficulty. And the music is just so BADASS! To those who have played this masterpiece, I salute you... Blixer has fallen.....

only me... in 3 different places cuz why tf not?

uhh... what happened to this time?..

i just had one of those art moments where you go "oh boy! i know what to draw!" and then you sit down to draw it and go

"oh boy! i dunno how to draw anyfuck of this!"

thunder managed to shake the whole building~

"well goodness gracious, you're young! you were BORN to make dumb decisions!"
well that's a statement i think we all agree on....

"i hope y'all have exciting things planned for the summer"
my brain: i plan on starting comissions, maybe get back to making music
me: sleep, eat, random hype stuff, other stuff

changing avi, banner, and bio here cuz why tf not?

bruh, there's this person i wanna unfollow, but it just says "edit profile"

try not to sleep in rain challenge (failed immediately)

"there is no excuse for you not to have done this project"

yes there is, but it's a very shitty one tho.... and that is ~i don't care about what's going on and i don't have any plan to fiind out~

"this person is taking this class again, and so is *insert list of ppl, including me*"

hey, it's not my fault idgaf about a bunch of shit. whaddaya want me to do, pretend i like talking about the issues of nuclear power? fuck that, i'm not doin shit

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