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i'll stop asking pol and computer questions from now on, i just panic when i ask these and feel the urge to stand my ground and be defensive, just saying this for future reference

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a very big trigger warning... maybe 

i can't fucking understand coding, too complicated for me, i don't understand how tf ppl can get into it... it's too fucking complicated for me to understand. yeah i'm in a computer science class or whatever, but only because that's what replaced my AV class, i never chose this shit, idfk how pretty much EVERYONE ON FEDI knows how to code in some way, i fucking can't, i'm the dumbest one here because of it...

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Incredibox is great to mess around with, the demo gives you half of the versions to try out (obviously the first four), but you can listen to stuff people have made on any version. There is one problem however... why do I have to pay to get the other four???

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Just Shapes and Beats is pretty underrated. Sure the name may not sound too exciting, but for it's simplistic gameplay, it is extremely well done and has quite the difficulty in it. The story line is simple to follow along with, and each boss level is unique in their own ways. Not just the boss levels, but every level (as well as the bonus tracks) have their own sense of difficulty. And the music is just so BADASS! To those who have played this masterpiece, I salute you... Blixer has fallen.....

aight, i head home now, cya later, boiz and gurlz


i might need some therapy or something, this energy is too much for m to handle

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i have not been able to shut up today, both in fedi and irl......

shit, this mask is starting to feel loose....

remembering when i drew a combination of these 2, can't find the actual art tho....

fucking hungry.... my lunch was smol, and i haven't had much water to drink since i left my bottle at home

lyric post 

Y'all just sit back, won't you kick back
Keep on actin' like you did that, got no respect
For nobody who's just fake in life, ayy, ayy
You ain't really who you say you are

if imma burn off this energy, there's only one solution..... fight somebody (literally), but i don't wanna fight tho..... idfk how to fight, lol

i'll be right back, once again, see y'all inlike half hour

mh~-, meds mention 

idfk why, but i've had endless amounts of energy, even fitness class couldn't help me stay chill..... tf do i have now? anxiety trigger? possible adhd or something? overdose on something? (despite not taking any kind of meds)...... why am i so damn hyper for no reason?

jeez it's hot in here, why tf do they blast the heater on?

a random thing my friends have asked 

"how thicc are yur thighs?"
-my hands can't even wrap completely, there's like a 4 inch gap before they do....

how to be cu-fuck, nope, go back, i'm not done being a bitch

i keep forgetting my fucken water bottle and i get hella thirsty..... like, i feel like imma dry out here, man

very, very shitty joke 

i used to be addicted to hokey pokey....

but then i turned myself around

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